Whitney Wolfe Herd Plans to Change Social Media

Whitney Wolfe Herd is taking her time and building a great career in the world of dating app technology. She has been able to thrive as a leader when it comes to dating apps, and there is no doubt that her dating app Bumble is getting a lot of praise for simply being different.

Whitney Wolfe Herd is definitely making it possible for people to engage in much different dating app environment, but she also wants people to have better luck when it comes to finding friends. She wants app developers to be able to step things up when it comes to better social media. She is serving as the catalyst for this as she creates a single app that allows people to engage in dating, networking and friendship building.

While everyone else was much more interested in creating an app that address one aspect of social media Whitney Wolfe Herd was working on creating an app that was going to address multiple areas of social media. This will allow users to have a single username and password. They did not have to download multiple apps and log into multiple apps in order to socialize and network. All that they have to do to switch from finding dates to finding friends is tap a button. This is definitely something that Whitney Wolfe Herd has excelled in because it changes the landscape of the social media environment.

This is ultimately the reason why people are looking to Whitney Wolfe Herd as the next great technology app developer even though she is still under the age of 30. She is proving that she can provide a different way for people to communicate, and it shows that she is thinking ahead instead of simply duplicating what everybody else has done.

There were already some successful dating apps out there, but Whitney Wolfe Herd would be the one to break away from what was considered the norm. She wanted to create her own rules for success with dating apps and social media in general.

Whitney Wolfe Herd wanted to go against the grain and create something that was completely off the radar when it came to dating. She wanted to make sure that she was a unique individual coming into the social media spectrum. So far people cannot deny that Whitney Wolfe Herd is an original that knows exactly what she wants to do when it comes to changing social media apps.