William Saito: Japan’s Tech Revival, Investor, and Venture Capitalist

William Saito is among the 100 most influential persons in Japan according to Nikkei. Saito expressed his interest and prowess in software programming while still at the elementary school. He founded his first company while in high school. During the year 1998, William Saito was crowned the winner of coveted title of the Entrepreneur of the Year by USA Today, NASDAQ and Ernst & Young. He is recognized as a global technical expert in biometric authentication, encryption, and cybersecurity. In 2005, he sold his business to Microsoft and moved to Tokyo where he founded InTecur.

InTecur is a consultancy and venture capital firm which identifies innovative technologies, nurtures global talent and develops entrepreneurs for success. He also discharged his services as Chief Technology Officer regarding the Fukushima Nuclear Accident and Independent Investigation Commission in late 2011. Saito is also a Board Member of WEF (World Economic Forum) where he has been acknowledged as a young Global Leader as well as a Global Agenda Council Member.


William Saito spends a considerable part of his day working with people to identify the importance of their problems and generate solutions helping people in the real world. Design thinking that incorporates failing severally but forward in bringing new ideas is his methodology in creating new ideas. The trends in information technology such as robotics, cybersecurity, the blockchain, artificial intelligence, etc. are his significant excitements are they aren’t fantasies anymore but bringing change to the world.

About the young generation, William Saito discourages rushing in life. They should focus on what they are passionate about, and it will eventually result in success. He recommends persistence to every other entrepreneur striving to succeed. For growing businesses, the products and services that are provided to customers should be unique to win their loyalty.

As entrepreneurs, failure shouldn’t be feared as it creates avenues for learning. Those who do not fail are not pushing hard enough to create something innovative. William Saito advises his readers to tap into the mobile-centric model as the world is moving towards it. It is an avenue taking businesses internationally.

Concerning the software and web services to use, he advises various Software As A Service (SaaS). The recent book William Saito has read is “Life 3.0” by Max Tegmark that expounds more on AI not just from tech perspective but how creates change to the world. Besides technology, Saito advises on living a healthy and fit life.


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