The Least Happy Relationship in Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Word

There is a saying at Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Bumble business. It is that each person is only as happy as her least happy relationship. In a way, this brings a lot of insight. When they talk about this, it was meant for the world of business. However, this is an interesting thought when it comes to relationships in general. People have to take in account their least happy relationship and see how it affects their joy in other aspects of their lives. One thing that Whitney Wolfe Herd wants to do is help people achieve their full potential in dating, relationships and life in general.

Whitney has decided to make an extension to an app that makes it easier for women to find something that is good for their careers. After all, women may get to enjoy better relationships with Bumble, but it is also a good thing to be able to support oneself with any job or career they can get. When Whitney has thought about a networking app, she has wanted to build something that has some of the functions as a dating app. The only thing is that people will use the app to network with one another so that they will be able to take their careers to the next level of success.

While Whitney Wolfe Herd has successfully changed the way people date, she has found something else that she has wanted to change in the industry. This is the way people make friends and the way people make money and expand their careers. Whitney Wolfe Herd is very interested in helping women live the best life in every way that they can. While many other dating apps just stop at dating and go no further, it is Whitney Wolfe Herd who shows that she wants to empower women in every aspect of their lives.

Women are now able to make the first move when it comes to dating. Women are also reminded that the best thing they want the most is not going to just come to them. They are going to have to go get what they want.

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CEO Barbara Stokes Helps Create Homes for Disaster Relief

Green Structure Homes Delivered CEO Barbara Stokes and COO Scott Stokes have announced they are creating new manufacturing jobs in eight states. The jobs will be located in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia. The Huntsville, Alabama-based Disaster relief construction contractor received a $28.5 million FEMA and the US Department of Homeland Security contract award to build modular homes to support Hurricane Harvey relief. They hope to complete the homes by March 2018. Founded in 2008 by Barbara and Scott Stokes, Green Structure Homes offers aid to many government and private sector clients, with a combined 30 years in providing disaster relief. Follow Barbara Stokes on

Green Structure Homes also completed a $12.7 million contract following the flooding in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and created a fully automated fire suppression system in new homes with a $7.8 million contract in 2017.

Barbara Stokes graduated from Mercer University with a degree in Biomedical Engineering and Physics. With knowledge of manufacturing, management, technical communication, structures and properties materials, and thermodynamics, Barbara stokes has years of experience in government contracting and continues to support helping FEMA and the United States government since 2012. Green Structure Homes received the highest possible ratings during their contract.


In addition to their other services, Green Structure Homes also provides administration logistics, including facilities management, maintenance documentation review, and procurement of fleet parts. They also provide fleet maintenance and warehousing services. Green Structure Homes produces their homes with CNC machines and AutoCAD to increase quality, accuracy, and reduction in labor costs. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

White Shark Media Works For Good Reviews

With all of the marketing and advertising that goes into a business, there is one factor that has a lot of influence on the success of a product or business. This factor is the reviews of the company. The nature of the review is what people are going to use in order to determine whether or not they are going to do business with the company. Fortunately, businesses can influence reviews and even use some of the less favorable reviews to its advantage. This is exactly what White Shark Media, an advertising company has done. It does appreciate its good reviews while paying attention to the bad reviews.

White Shark Media encourages customers to share their complaints or concerns with them as well as with others. This helps them find ways to improve their services. One thing that this does is let the customers know that what they have to say is very important. Many companies do not listen to the customers. This is one of the common traits of an established business. White Shark Media on the other hand considers the fact that some of the clients they deal with actually have some kind of experience in the area that they are getting help with.

As an advertising agency, White Shark Media is one of the shining examples. Many business owners that have done business with them have seen their business improve. The experts look at the company and come up with the campaigns that speak to the type of customers that work with the client. White Shark Media also takes the time to reach out to its clients in order to follow up with them and see if there is anything in the service that can be improved. This is the one driving factor towards the success of a business.

The Facts About Adam Milstein Life

Adam Milstein is the eldest of Eva and Hillel Milstein. His was born in Israel after his mother migrated from Mexico to Israel in the year 1949. In the year 1948, when the State of Israel was founded his father made a move from Argentina. Adam Milstein played a significant role as a Combat sailor during the independence war of Israel. Adam was the born after their marriage in the year 1950. Adam spent his childhood life at Kiryat Motzkin after the decision of the family to locate their residence in the place. He has two other young siblings.

Adam Milstein then served in the Israel Defense Forces during the Yom Kippur War of 1973. The move to the military was mandatory, and he fought under General Sharon. He joined the squad of the army that was crossing the Suez Canal. He graduated in the business and economic after joining Technion. He later participated in the expansion of the real estate construction together with his father.

He demonstrated his pragmatic skills on matters of the real estate at Hager Pacific Properties. He was playing the role of the sales agent after his graduation from the University of Southern California. His dedication to the work has earned him the position of manager in the company. He made a debut in the philanthropy work during his tenure at Hager Pacific Properties. He has joined hands with different investors in carrying out the mission of philanthropist. Adam Milstein intention in making a move was to leave a legacy in the society without making money. Through the work that he has carried out in the society, he has made a massive impact in the community.

He made a step to dedicate his time to assisting people in the community after convincing his wife. Together with Gila, Adam founded Gila Family Milstein Family Foundation. This was meant to give support to the activities that were taking place in Israel and the organizations that were boosted their operations. Currently, the group works in helping Israel and strengthening his ties with the United States.

Adam Milstein has played a critical role in helping the society through his philanthropy work.


End Citizens United And The Endorsement of Jay Hulings

The world is filled with innovation and kinetic ways of doing things. As such, we face so many changes every day. One of the social changes that are happening today would be the ones that are brought forth by the End Citizens United Reform. This organization has many missions, but most of them would have one common denominator in common: to make sure that big money is out of the question in the influence of creating a democratic nation.

End Citizens United is an activity of Democrats and want to reform the world regarding how finance controls election turnouts. If you want to learn more about the movement, you may want to read more. Shall we continue?

Latest news

One of the latest news that you can read about End Citizens United in its blog is the one about the group’s endorsement of Jay Hulings for Congress. This endorsement would mean a lot to the programs of End Citizens United and would mean that there will be a better stronghold that will represent the group in Congress. Jay Hulings is remarkable and unparalleled in his effort to push for anti-corruption programs in the United States and has shown a considerably impressive track record as Texas 23rd Congressional District. End Citizens United may have placed their trust on Hulings mainly because of the fact that he has a clear advocacy for accountability and transparency.

The endorsement of Mr. Hulings would also mean that there would be a lot of changes in the reform of Big Money in the jurisprudence. This will not be that hard to do for Mr. Jay Hulings mainly because he said in the blog himself that the issue of Big Money is important to him and he wants to make sure that public corruption will no longer find its feet in the democratic elections. It is also the mission of Jay Hulings to hold the Trump Administration accountable for the missteps and mishaps that he think Trump caused. It is also the mission of Jay Hulings to get the representation of the people in a better system and to make sure that the system today is cleaner and more responsive to the needs of the society.

About End Citizens United

The End Citizens United is a group of people that want to fight against large amounts of donation to control the electoral turnouts. Corporations are greedy, they think, and because of this, there is no longer a democratic representation of the people’s voice.

The movement started when in 2010, the Supreme Court decided in Citizens United v. F.E.C. that corporations right now are people and it opened up rich people’s money to control people’s decisions. When this happened, End Citizens United rose to end that Supreme Court decision.

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Todd Lubar Talks About His Entrepreneurial Experience

The financial expert has been passionate about helping people to succeed in life. Today, he zeroes in on ensuring that individuals can walk to his corporation, TDL Global Ventures, and access loans. Over the years, he has gained much knowledge on conservative business model. Through his company, he has been able to engage in over 700 transactions. To this end, he has gained vast experience in reviewing and analyzing probable risk on any given loan scenario. By virtue of being in the business for long, Todd has known how to make informed decisions on each case.

While he was a loan originator, he developed close working relationships with real estate agents, clients, CPA’s, insurance agents and financial planners. These professionals have enhanced the growth of Lubar’s business by referring clients to him.

When asked on the toughest decision that he has made in the recent years, Todd Lubar responded by saying that it is difficult for him to choose between going on a business trip and spending time with his family. He contends that he has learnt to find time for everything irrespective of having busy schedules and professional life. Check out

He contends that people should learn to stay motivated even when their businesses fail. Todd says that while he was starting his business, he entered into a deal where he lost money. The executive goes on to say that he did not give up on his dream. He knew that he had to remain focused and stay on the course to ensure that he achieves his goals in life. Lubar asserts that he woke up the next morning and went to work as usual. He says that entrepreneurs should learn not to leave the plate, but instead be available for new opportunities. Visit his website for more.

About Todd Lubar

Todd is the proprietor of TDL Global Ventures. Before working for Legacy Financial group, Lubar was rendering his services for Crestar Mortgage Company. Todd has also been an employee of Charter Funding.

Todd urges people to read the book, “The Magic of Thinking.” The shrewd entrepreneur asserts that its literature material challenges people to set higher expectations and think big. Through the book, Lubar has a more well-rounded perspective to thinking.

Dr. Mark Holterman

Dr. Mark Holterman is a renowned pediatric surgeon, a lecturer at the University of Illinois (college of medicine) and a medical researcher. Besides that, Holterman is also the CEO of Marian Global health. He is an influential pediatrician who has largely worked with the International Pediatric Specialist Alliance for the Children of Vietnam (IPSAC-VN), a place where he also worked as a volunteer. Read more about Dr. Mark Holterman at Dial Dish.

IPSAC-VN is health organization devoted to improving the healthcare condition of children in Vietnam. The non-profit organization works by providing medical supplies as well as deploying medical practitioners to several parts of Vietnam. Dr. Mark Holterman is also a member the American Diabetes Association (ADA). His contributions in ADA saw him receive an award from the organization.

One of the notable contributions of Dr. Mark Holterman has been manifest through teaching. He became a professor of medicine at the University of Illinois in 2011 specifically working in the college of medicine. Hitherto he is still a lecturer at Illinois University. He has also worked in several other hospitals because of his vast experience in pediatric surgery. He currently works with the Advocates Christ’s Children Hospital, St. Francis Medical center and Children’s Hospital of Illinois.

Dr. Mark Holterman has largely contributed to several breakthrough surgeries in various hospitals in the country. He has a passion for helping cure diseases that afflict children. His career in pediatric surgery is running into two decades and has received various awards in the medical industry as a result. Learn more about Dr. Mark Holterman’s profile at

Dr. Mark expertise is derived both from experince as well as academic background. He attended Yale University where he graduated with a major in Biology. He also holds a Ph.D. and MD from the University of Virginia. He took his residency in general surgery at the University of Virginia Health Services. He later proceeded to the University of Washington to undertake his fellowship in pediatric surgery.

Indeed, Dr. Mark Holterman is not only a dedicated lecture but also an experienced pediatric surgeon who has tirelessly worked for over two decades in the service of children. That is probably why he has received a lot of public recognition and rewards form the medical fraternity.


Louis Chenevert helped grow UTC immensely at his time there

Louis Chenevert is a Canadian businessman who in the span of his career has helped companies and corporations in multiple factors including profits, technology, stock prices, and much more. He worked for General Motors for 14 years as their Production General Manager. After that he worked for other companies such as UTC, Pratt & Whitney, Goldman Sachs, and held a number of advisor and board member roles. In 1993 Louis Chenevert joined United Technologies Corporation’s Pratt & Whitney, which is an aerospace company. Six years later he was elected President for Pratt & Whitney which was quite an accomplishment. With hard work and diligence he was elected Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of United Technologies Corporation. At the company Louis Chenevert was able to accomplish many things including raising the share price up 200 percent from $37 to $117 a piece. He grew the company in leaps and bounds during the recession, showing him as a knowledgeable and smart businessman. One factor that helped UTC was that Chenevert insisted on getting a hold of only the most advanced technology for the jet engines as Pratt & Whitney. This made them more efficient, less toxic for the environment, and in the process made them the leader in the industry. They manufacture anything from landing gear, brakes, flight sensors, flight controls, aerostructures, and actuators. Chenevert was also able to relocate hundreds of engineers without laying them off like other companies would. He also did not outsource production to other countries to save a buck or two, another unpopular thing that a lot of big companies do. Read more about Louis Chenevert at

Louis R. Chenevert is the Executive Advisor at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. They are an investment company that operates all over the world. He previously worked as the Production General Manager at General Motors for 14 years. Louis also worked at Pratt & Whitney Aircraft as their President.

The Canadian businessman in Montreal, Quebec in 1958. He attended the HEC Montreal where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Production Management. Mr. Chenevert currently lives in Hartford, Connecticut with his wife Debra. He is the on the Board of Directors for Cargill Inc. Read more at Bloomberg.

Whitney Wolfe Herd Plans to Change Social Media

Whitney Wolfe Herd is taking her time and building a great career in the world of dating app technology. She has been able to thrive as a leader when it comes to dating apps, and there is no doubt that her dating app Bumble is getting a lot of praise for simply being different.

Whitney Wolfe Herd is definitely making it possible for people to engage in much different dating app environment, but she also wants people to have better luck when it comes to finding friends. She wants app developers to be able to step things up when it comes to better social media. She is serving as the catalyst for this as she creates a single app that allows people to engage in dating, networking and friendship building.

While everyone else was much more interested in creating an app that address one aspect of social media Whitney Wolfe Herd was working on creating an app that was going to address multiple areas of social media. This will allow users to have a single username and password. They did not have to download multiple apps and log into multiple apps in order to socialize and network. All that they have to do to switch from finding dates to finding friends is tap a button. This is definitely something that Whitney Wolfe Herd has excelled in because it changes the landscape of the social media environment.

This is ultimately the reason why people are looking to Whitney Wolfe Herd as the next great technology app developer even though she is still under the age of 30. She is proving that she can provide a different way for people to communicate, and it shows that she is thinking ahead instead of simply duplicating what everybody else has done.

There were already some successful dating apps out there, but Whitney Wolfe Herd would be the one to break away from what was considered the norm. She wanted to create her own rules for success with dating apps and social media in general.

Whitney Wolfe Herd wanted to go against the grain and create something that was completely off the radar when it came to dating. She wanted to make sure that she was a unique individual coming into the social media spectrum. So far people cannot deny that Whitney Wolfe Herd is an original that knows exactly what she wants to do when it comes to changing social media apps.

Wonderful Waiakea Water

Waiakea water is a bottled water company that was founded in 2012. The company has done a great job of setting themselves apart from the numerous competitors in the industry. Visit BevNet to know more. One of the major factors about them is that they have very pure products. Their water travels through thousands of feet of volcanic rock before it is distributed. In result, the water is filled with minerals and calcium which is great for the body. Additionally, the water has an untouched, perfect pH level which makes it taste pure. The company also cares deeply about the ethics that their company shows. They want to help reduce the pollution to the environment, so they created a fully degradable bottle. This bottle degrades in 15 years, compared to traditional bottles which take 15,000 years. They also announced that their bottle is made completely from post recycled plastic. Read more about Waiakea Water on

The water bottle industry is a tough one to compete with. It is a $100 billion dollar industry. This company is doing well even through the competition. They are based in Hawaii, making them stand out already. On top of all the amazing features that their products consist of, they also do great things to help others. The Waiakea water has a tradition that states, for every liter that they sell they will donate a week supply of water to those in need. Ryan Emmons has led his company to a great standard of ethics. They are doing great things to help those who are less fortunate than the most of us. It is estimated that around 844 million people do not have access to clean drinking water. This crisis is becoming a very serious problem. This company is doing great things that they do not have to do. Ryan Emmons has created a well rounded company.