InnovaCare Health and its excellent leadership of Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

InnovaCare is an organization that is renowned for the provision of Medicare Advantage plans and other healthcare services. The company which has attracted thousands of members is based in North America. The top leaders at InnovaCare Health know that the healthcare sector is faced with many challenging. They are dedicated to ensuring that they find the best solutions to these problems affecting the industry. They have a mission to offer innovative solutions, and they work hard to ensure they fulfill their missions. The best part is that InnovaCare has leaders and employees who are dedicated to ensuring that they provide the best medical services to patients. They want to cater to the needs of all patients. A healthcare company that wants to provide quality services must create business models that are sustainable and affordable. For more details



That is what InnovaCare has done. They have established innovative ways using modern and advanced technology because their aim is to offer the best services for their customers. That is why they joined a network known as Learning and Action Network which is a payment partnership in the healthcare sector. The main aim of the partnership is to ensure that the health sector is concerned with the delivery of quality services and not quantity. It is an initiative that is essential because it means that transactions are sped up when paying for services. InnovaCare is a company committed to ensuring that the healthcare sector is progressive. For more details visit Hired.


The leadership of a company is essential for it to be successful. It boosts operations of the company, and that is why InnovaCare is concerned with the kind of leaders to employ. It is led by experts who have different skills that are useful in the running of various departments in the company. They use their skills and experience to take the company to the next level. Jonathan Meyer is one of the people who have been working hard for the company. He serves as the chief actuary, and he had been working at Horizon BCBS before. Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides are the brains helping InnovaCare to achieve success. Their experience in the healthcare sector is unmatched, and they are taking it to the next level. The transformation of the health care services delivery under the leadership of Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides is one of the best in the country currently. They are drive by passion for better health care for the average American


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Paul Mampilly Predicts A Revolution In The Tech World

Over the last couple of years, robots have slowly but surely increased their presence in the homes of numerous Americans. The end of this is nowhere in sight. If anything, they are bound to be more. What began as playing gadgets for kids has steadily become necessary for different household tasks. The same has been witnessed in industries. They have taken the place of customer service in numerous firms and are invading manufacturing plants. Paul Mampilly took time to look at how this is useful for investors. By 2020, 1.7 million robots will be installed in different factories across the world. This is according to reports by the International Federation of Robotics. The federation is also expecting more home owners to consider robots for different tasks like lawn mowing and vacuum cleaning.

Apart from the robots, the production of delivery drones has also been upscaled. The healthcare system as well as military services will also employ more robots according to Paul Mampilly. A growth rate of 30% has been predicted for the latter. All this progress is in line with the steps taken in artificial intelligence. The Banyan Hill editor made several presentations on the topic during the 2017 Total Wealth Symposium conference hosted by his publisher. This year’s conference would see him spend a lot of his presentation time on the value of robots for any investor.

Paul Mampilly promised his subscribers a special guest who will also weigh in on the matter. He urged them to make plans to be part of the sold-out conference that would turn their financial state on its head. Paul Mampilly has made a name for himself through his accurate predictions on investment opportunities. In the previous edition of the conference, he urged investors to put their money in artificial intelligence. The AI stocks went over the roof with some investors getting up to 130% returns from their investments. He believes that the best way of making the most of such opportunities is to invest early. The next couple of months will see manufacturing firms produce more of these robots before shipping them out. Paul Mampilly urged subscribers of Winning Investor Daily, a newsletter he edits, to join the market before the sales begin.


Shiraz Boghani is a well-known dynamic entrepreneur who has played a big role in the hotel’s field. He also had a clear vision on how to expand the group into many enterprises. In the early years of the 1990’s, he was a hotelier who developed a lot of hotels in London. Shiraz had 25projects and also had a clear vision of the Groups and the current chairman of splendid hospitality groups. Shiraz now owns 20 trading hotels with 292 bedroom Hilton and the grand hotel and spa which was one of his required destiny. Shiraz is well committed to his community and acts as a role model to many people who own charitable organization and voluntary services. He also owns several senior positions in Ismaili community, for instance, chairman of national conciliation and arbitration.

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Shiraz Boghani is a visionary leader and also a successful businessman, he is one of the top leaders in the hospitality world and also longterm care world. Shiraz Boghani is the founder of the chief executive officer of the splendid hospitality group. His company owns top hotels in London, England, and Scotland. Splendid hospitality group is the fastest growing hotel company in Uk.

Shiraz also owns a lot of properties in London like Hilton London Bankside, comfort in kings cross, Holiday Inn Wembley and many more. The number of hotels owned by the Splendid Hospitality Group is the success of Mr. Sharaz leadership. The success has led him to be recognized as the awarded Hotelier of the year by 2016. The award made him the finest Hotelier in the United Kingdom and this has fulfilled the required destiny.

In addition, Shiraz Boghani is a partner at Sussex Healthcare which is the leading care facility for the elderly. Mr. Boghani is an industrious person who finds time to attend to the clients in all of his industries. Shiraz has won many awards which have satisfied his required destiny and has made him be considered the most important and successful business leader in the United Kingdom. The visionary leader has sacrificed his time and resources to many charity initiatives. He is also one of the people who supported the Agha Khan foundation in the United Kingdom.

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Southridge Capital Group is a Big Firm in the Financial Industry

Capital is a prominent financial firm that offers structured finance and advisory for the public companies. Its primary goal is to assist its broad group of clients to achieve their financial goals by providing a full range of innovative and effective financial solutions. This firm is fond of it major executive team which has an incredible understanding and deep understanding of the marketplace in conjunction with its curating expertise. The team is also tirelessly executing financial plans for its dear esteemed clients. Southridge has invested a sum of 1.8 billion US Dollars in the growth and expansion of companies across the world since 199. It has also managed to finance more than 250 public companies. This company knows the issues that every growing company faces. The team has the necessary expertise and skills to advice on various corporate matters ranging from becoming a public firm to personalized financial mechanisms aimed at optimizing balance sheet management.


Southridge Capital Group provides services that cater for all bases under the advisory department. This incorporates Financial Analysis where it crafts highly detailed and projected financial statements that are by operational and financial assumptions. Southridge also provides Optimization of Balance Sheet which helps other companies to retain and maintain a proper balance between debt and equity. It also provides access to various strategies that will help in attaining the desired results. Their services as per Mergers and Acquisitions processes includes access to merger individuals who have their business model adequately aligned with an already existing portfolio client.


When it comes to Restructuring Analysis, Southridge helps companies to take the best actions for them to acquire the very best restructuring results. When it comes to Bankruptcy Advise, there are negotiations and structuring that helps their companies regain their positive financial status. The Legal, Settlement services offered by Southridge Capital are all aimed at helping in settling litigation through a clear definition of the entire legal requirements as well as minimizing time and expenses that are incurred by its clients. Southridge Capital Group has helped many companies turn around their financial situations leading to incredible success. It has made itself a big name due to its positive reputation. You can follow their Facebook and Twitter page.


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Jason Hope Not Scared to Defy Modern Way of Thinking

Jason Hope Not Scared to Defy Modern Way of Thinking

Jason Hope is a widely respected and admired entrepreneur, philanthropist, creative thinker, and investor. His passion for technology and charitable deeds have inspired many people not only in Scottsdale, Arizona but also in many other parts of the world. Mr. Hope’s innovative mind and creativity has inspired many tech-savvy internet users in many ways. In fact, he has been preparing the Internet-of-Things (IoT) generation on the many ways to get ready and embrace the internet revolution. He has paid much attention to educating the public on how to get well-acquainted with all the devices available for use these days. For more information read about Jason Hope on Medium

Jason Hope has released an e-book “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: Quick guide for the thing in the IoT era.” In the book, Jason focuses on the many ways he can enlighten people on the significance of staying afloat and well-versed with new technologies. He makes it clear that everything is about to change technology wise in the future. In simple words, Mr. Hope describes The Internet-of-Things as the connection that makes it easy for the internet and devices work effectively to serve a certain anticipated function.

In the IoT book, he shares ideas on how people should embrace the internet in their homes. He goes on to depict the importance of the internet to the business world and how entrepreneurs should embrace the internet. Jason also enlightens governments on how they should also embrace the internet in fulfilling the national agendas. He expounds on how the internet can help transform the energy, manufacturing, health, agriculture and architecture sector among other fields.

Besides research and writing about the internet revolution and enlightening the general public on the significance of embracing the internet, Jason Hope has been involved in charity work. Jason has invested in research against aging. Jason has lent his philanthropic hand in the supporting The SENS (Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence) Research Foundation where he has contributed $500,000 to the organization. The SENS Research Foundation has been creating a transformational biotechnology platform that has been helping develop drugs with the help from body damage-repair experts.

Jason Hope said that he supports the foundation’s goals because it is taking a diversified approach to anti-aging. The SENS focuses on finding cure for diseases like Alzheimer and any other disorder that make people age faster than expected. Mr. Jason Hope is more than eager not only to invest his money in such endeavors but also motivated to challenge modern innovations in the world. Connect:



A Closer Look into the Life of Alex Hern

Alex Hern is a successful businessman who has been in the industry for over 25 years. The business magnate focuses on startups and mainly the ones that are technology-related. Alex Hern is one of the pioneers of Inktomi Goldman Sachs. The firms powered multinational organizations such as Yahoo and MSN. Other firms that he has pioneered include Tsunami, Yesmail, Military Commercial Technologies, a Cyber Security company, ArcSight, Cloud Shield, and In the above organizations, he served as a senior member of the executive and played a key role in their growth. Mr. Hern was recently interviewed to talk about his career journey and business success.

When asked how he came up with the idea of Tsunami, he revealed that it was after the realization that the modern computers use GPU and not CPU as it has been in the past. Therefore, there was a need to develop applications and platforms for those models. Alex Hern disclosed that he spends about 5 hours daily on developing strategies that could make it easy for his firm to achieve its goals. According to the Tsunami founder, multitasking is one of the main courses of failure for many entrepreneurs. Some studies have shown that multitasking often leads to poor quality of work. He believes that the night time is the best to come up with good business ideas as there are less distractions.

Over the years, he has employed modern technology in running his businesses and is always seeking for better capabilities and applications to optimize its benefits. He is passionate about cloud computing and its application in various business operations. The business guru attributes his business success to his ability to focus on business goals and he acknowledges that it’s not easy. Alex Hern urges the young entrepreneurs not to rush in making business decisions and should focus on making decisions that have a long-term impact on their organizations. He believes that friends are an important part of one’s life and always creates time for them. Mr. Hern starts his day very early in the morning and heads to his workplace. According to him, consistency is critical for any business to succeed. Learn More.

How Dr. Saad Saad Journey to Success

Dr. Saad Saad was born in the late 1940’s in Palestine, and he is one of eight siblings. During this time the State of Isreal was formed, and Palestinians were forced to relocate regardless to the fact that they were natives to the region. Dr. Saad’s mother was instructed to take the children and board a bus to an unknown destination. She carried only cloths since she was optimistic that things were going to cool down and they will return to their normal lives. This will not be the case, and later they were united with their father in West Bank, and they moved to Kuwait. Saad’s father who was a skilled petroleum mechanic gave them a golden chance to advance to Kuwait where his rear skills were in high demand.


Dr. Saad’s father made it clear that education was the only hope for them especially in the foreign land they resided. With no country or any other official document, pursuing a high level of education was their only way to gain respect. Knowledge is power and Saad knew that he could be anything he desires to be in the world. The dream to become a pediatric surgeon started in the 1960’s after Saad suffered from heat stroke that rendered him unconscious. It was during the summer, and Saad had accompanied his brother to a construction site. The heat was unbearable and this affected Saad leading to the heat stroke, after the incident he realized he wasn’t meant to work outside. The only place that had an air conditioner in Kuwait was the operating room and after discovering this Saad decided he will become a pediatric surgeon.


Dr. Saad went to Egypt to do his medical degree at Cairo University, this was his passion, and it is evident in his exemplary performance. He was ranked second in his class and graduated with honors and later went to England for his internship. 45 years ago Saad moved to the USA and did his residency in surgery and in pediatric surgery where became the first board-certified pediatric that could fluently speak English and Arabic. He landed his first job with the Saudi Royal family and got an opportunity to offer his services to children in Saudi Arabia. In 1989, he returned to the United States where he continued with his career and began to think of ways to improve the pediatric sector. Dr. Saad came up with ways to reduce both pain and recovery time and by eliminating a second incision which helped him to achieve his goal. He has had a successful career in the US; his work has helped many families across the different states. The story of Dr. Saad gives hope to individuals all over the world that with the right mindset anything is achievable.

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How Michael Hagele Found Success As An Investor And Attorney

Michael Hagele is an outside general counsel who lives and works in Silicon Valley. The types of companies he provides his legal services to are in the defense, biotechnology, aerospace, and internet industries. He owns and operates his own law firm. Prior to opening this law firm he worked for Fenwick & West LLP at the start of his career and various tech startups after that. He attended the University of Iowa, where he earned his bachelor’s degree, and at the University of California, Berkeley he earned his Juris Doctor degree.

As an experienced lawyer Michael Hagele has completed many corporate transactions including mergers & acquisitions. He has also legally protected intellectual property rights as well as having bought and sold them. He also provides legal advice to companies when employment issues come up as well as drafting and closing commercial agreements among his skills. His specialty is doing legal work for companies that are in their venture capital phase.

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Beyond his work as an attorney, Michael Hagele has also become an investor in both the restaurant and hospitality industries. He has both founded his own businesses in these industries as well as providing funding to other startups. He says that one opening he didn’t enjoy was when he was establishing a new restaurant for a celebrity chef. As it turns out this chef was only interested in salary and not the business itself. He said this experience taught him to only work with people who are invested in seeing a new business succeed.

One key was that Michael Hagele says he stays focused on his work is by taking a break from it each and every day. His favorite activity is to go riding his bike which helps him clear his head and get a new perspective on some issue he is working through. He says he starts his day doing various legal work such as creating technology licensing agreements. His evenings, meanwhile, are usually spent on the phone where he works with his overseas business partners on their joint investments.

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DACA and How its Repeal Will Affect the Nation

Sometimes, a person has no idea that they are undocumented until they apply for a drivers license or a job. To send these young people away from everything they know would prevent them from starting new businesses or contributing to the country. The Dreamers that will be affected by the repeal of DACA are likely to be your neighbor or your child’s teacher.


About DACA

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Act is a type of limited immigration act that protects children and young adults from sudden removal from the country. The Act protected people who entered the United States as children. The Act helped support these people in getting jobs, driver’s licenses, and opening bank accounts. Most importantly, DACA has been ensuring that people who have been living and working in the United States don’t get deported.


It has helped families stay together, avoiding separation due to deportation. The Act was put into during the Obama administration on June 15th, 2012. DACA affects those who entered the U.S. before they reached the age of 16 and under the age of 31 on June 15th, 2012. It’s a requirement that the person immigrating to America has been a citizen for at least five years. DACA recipients must also be in high school, completed it, or the recipient of a GED. There must be no history of being convicted felon; a few misdemeanors are been tolerated.


Trump rescinds DACA

Trump decided to rescind DACA on September 5th, 2017. This decision is going to affect a great many people, approximately 800,000. This group of nearly one million people trusted America when they opted to become “Dreamers”, acting on the Dream Act which granted legal status to undocumented immigrants.


Now, Dreamers are faced with the fact that what has been protecting them and their families for years will no longer exist. The Dreamers come from all corners of the world, but many come from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. Fortunately, the bright light at the end of the tunnel is that this Act must be replaced. At least Trump is urging Congress to make a decision as this Act is repealed over the coming months.


The result of the repeal

DACA doesn’t just affect the 800,000 people who signed up for protection. Repealing the Act will have an impact on the husbands, wives, and children of any given person’s family. The people are expecting a solution for this Act. California and Texas will be largely impacted, as many immigrants live in these states.


Texas is making a move to call DACA illegal with Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton leading the charge. Paxton threatens to take legal action if DACA is not fully rescinded by September 5th, 2018. He stated that the program sets a “dangerous precedent” by remaining intact, it grants authority for the executive branch to ignore Congressional laws.


He wishes for the federal government to declare the program unlawful and prevent the issuance of further permits. DACA renewals may continue to occur as legal issues are resolved in court. However, there is a lawsuit that seeks to cease new applications from being accepted. As a result of federal court rulings involving New York, California, Washington, and D.C., the program has remained in place.


Sussex Healthcare: A Gym Helps With Resident Care

Sussex Healthcare has recently announced an addition of a new gym when it comes to providing care to disabled and elderly individuals throughout their many homes located near Sussex. The company is determined to keep with its mission that includes community outreach as a top priority. For those who may not know, Sussex Healthcare does welcome elderly folks who currently live at home and those local residents dealing with cognitive disabilities. The newly built gym can be found in West Sussex Healthcare near Horsham. It is equipped with a state-of-the-art layout for the purpose of helping residents improve their movements and maintain them over a period of time.

When visiting the gym, you will find a variety of free weights, elliptical machines, stationary bikes and underwater treadmills, to name a few. Visitors will also discover that there is a pool that has resistance currents and well-designed hot tubs exclusively for hydrotherapy. The gym employees are a list of staff members who thoroughly have an understanding when it comes to extensive training regarding the many Sussex Healthcare residents. A few of these training efforts include neurological, musculoskeletal and respiratory. To be successful, the experts continue to work on new effective exercise plans for those individuals with special needs and limitations. They also review and analyze all current conditions and health history. Sussex Healthcare ensures fitness teams work with individuals suffering from multiple sclerosis, chronic respiratory illness and even Parkinson’s disease.

You can even find programs that target individuals who are ambulatory and has a range of motions. The gym is fully staffed with knowledgeable professionals working around the clock to assist any resident wanting to exercise by themselves and take full advantage of the equipment. The fitness team can also help those optimize their exercise plan with an effort to maintain their mobility and strength. It is not encouraged for residents to take over-the-top risks such as lifting too much weight or not using the proper form when exercising. All programs will have warm up exercises and stretching to prevent injuries.