Moonlighting Opportunities from Upwork

If you are amongst the estimated 50% of working men and 70% of working women in the OECD countries that are moonlighting to supplement income from a primary job, you need to check out Upwork to see if your skill set can be marketed on their global freelance platform. Upwork is one of the largest freelancer marketplaces and they are changing the atmosphere for moonlighters by providing desirable freelance work and by matching clients with an earth-sized talent pool.

For many hard-working people, with two or more jobs, opportunity for freelance work has traditionally come from the service sector. Take for instance your weekend landscapers, housekeepers, delivery drivers, cab drivers, auto detailers, pressure washers and a host of others. No doubt, the extra income from any second job is rewarding, regardless of the type of work that is being performed. However, there are drawbacks to moonlighting in the service sector. There’s the “time factor.”

Time is a precious commodity and service sector jobs often consume a lot of our time. Secondly, unless you’re performing freelance work from your home, there’s a commute involved and travel time adds to the total amount of time that you are devoting to that second job. There’s also an unfair social stigma with service sector work. If you are in this group, you know what I’m talking about. Maybe, you’ve gone through great lengths to hide your second job from co-workers and friends, as if you are ashamed of having to work multiple jobs and to perform work that is unskilled and service-oriented.

If you are interested in taking on freelance work, outside of the service sector, Upwork is offering up online freelance “work-from-home” opportunities, with 100 categories of work to choose from. They claim that any work that can be performed on a computer can also be done through Upwork. So, if you can write, design, blog or translate, you may be able to join 12 million other registered Upwork freelancers by working from your home computer and performing any one of the broad spectrum of freelance opportunities.

Wes Edens Focuses on Helping Fortress Investment Group

Even though Wes Edens recently started looking at other investment opportunities, he knew the best way to make investments was through the company he already started. Along with some other co-founders, Wes knew that Fortress Investment Group was a great way to help people see what they could do with their money. He is an expert at investing and knows just what to do to ensure he can make more money. He always makes a point of trying to show people the right way to invest and that’s important to him. It’s also important for him to make sure he’s helping the other co-founders get the options they need for success.By the time Wes Edens started investing in eSports, he was already very successful with Fortress Investment Group. He sits on the board as the chairman and he knows a lot about the company. He continues showing people he can do things the right way and that’s an important part of the way he does things.

It’s also something he feels good about because he can try different things no matter what issues he runs into. There are times he can do things that will make a difference and that’s something that helps him see positive experiences.Even when Wes Edens was starting out with Fortress Investment Group, he felt good about giving people a chance to see things would work out for him. He also saw other opportunities he could take advantage of and that’s a necessary part of the way he does things. Wes likes others to realize he’s one of the best in the business and he’s doing a great job at helping others. For Wes, things continue getting better and he continues changing the way everything works for him.

When Wes tries helping people, he shows them different investment options. Wes Edens knows a lot about investments and knows the right way to show people to invest their money. He doesn’t just tell them what to do. Instead, he tells them exactly what he would do if he wanted to make more money. By putting himself into the situation, he creates different opportunities that others might not be able to get when they’re doing things the right way. It’s his goal of helping that makes it easier for him to show people that things will keep getting better. No matter what, Wes Edens feels like he can help his clients.

Jed McCaleb in Tel Aviv – His Thoughts on the Future of Stellar

Anyone who has an interest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies likely already knows who Jed McCaleb is. A person who is involved in bitcoin in even the smallest amount should learn about Jed McCaleb and study his thoughts and ideas on the industry.

Jed McCaleb is highly respected, not just among bitcoin pioneers but among the entire tech world. His career began around the same time the internet got popular – the late nineties and early 2000s. As a competitor to Napster, eDonkey, one of McCaleb’s early companies, created a more efficient way to transfer files from person to person. McCaleb’s first time working with blockchain was with his company Mt. Gox, which began as a video game asset trading platform. McCaleb transformed it into a bitcoin exchange platform when he discovered blockchain.

McCaleb’s current company Stellar is also in the blockchain industry. Stellar Began as a non-profit organization, handing out its currency to a multitude of individuals at no cost.

McCaleb shared his thoughts and theories behind blockchain at the Tel Aviv Fintech Week. The four day event consisted of a lecture and Q&A session with McCaleb and fellow blockchain innovator Yoni Assia. The event was held at Rise, a building created by Barclay’s Bank in 2016.

“Stellar is an open protocol for payments,” began Jed McCaleb as the lecture began. McCaleb laid out the differences between Stellar and other cryptocurrencies. The most important difference that separates Stellar from the rest of the crowd is real asset representation. Unlike most crypto, each piece of Stellar’s currency is a representation of real world assets. Stellar wants to be real enough to not fail. Stellar also differentiates itself from other blockchain companies because they don’t utilize data mining processes. As previously mentioned, Stellar’s currency was original given away for free.

According to McCaleb, he also opened up to the crowd, asking for questions. Ultimately the crowd began asking McCaleb about the decentralized process of crypto and McCaleb counter-argued that decentralization isn’t always the best option.

“Decentralized systems don’t scale well,” McCaleb said. “You need to have a certain amount of centralization to scale.”

Dr. Saad Saad’s Successful Career in Pediatric Surgery

Dr. Saad Saad is a medical doctor whose primary focus is in pediatric surgery and general surgery. Saad was born in Palestine but later relocated to Kuwait with his family when he was still young. His birth parents had eight children and education was typically the primary focus of his family. Due to this, two of his elder brothers became engineers, one is a teacher, and three are surgeons. Dr. Saad Saad went to Cairo University in Egypt to study his Medical Degree. After his graduation, he traveled to the United Kingdom for his internship and later moved to the United States where he did his residency in pediatric surgery and general surgery.


As a pediatric surgeon, Saad has performed many complex surgical procedures on injured or sick kids. He has successfully done surgeries on infants to teenage children. Saad has also taken medical trips many times to Jerusalem in his career to offer free surgical procedures for sick children from poor and low-income families.


He has also served at many hospitals such as Jersey Shore University Medical Center, Meridian Pediatric Surgical Associates, Clara Maass Medical Center, and Monmouth Medical Center all in New Jersey among others. Dr. Saad is currently retired, and the last hospital he performed pediatric surgeries was at K Hovnanian Children Hospital, in the state of New Jersey as well. K Hovnanian Children Hospital is a part of Hackensack Meridian Health Care System where Saad is the co-medical director and the surgeon-in-chief as well.


According to Dr. Saad Saad, his family had an incredibly poor background when he was growing up. Initially, he always wanted to become an engineer like both of his elder brothers until he experienced a mild stroke when visiting one of his brothers in the mining fields. Kuwait has unbelievably hot summers, higher than 110 degrees for many days, so this experience made him pursue a different path. Saad was interested in becoming a surgeon and work in air-conditioned rooms.


As for the greatest influence in his career life, Saad points to Dr. Biemann Othersen, one of the most celebrated pediatric surgeons in the United States. Besides learning the technical skills in general surgery, Dr. Saad Saad also learned to treat all children similarly regardless of their color, creed, religion, or sex.


He has also assisted in educating and training upcoming doctors in various communities leading to exceptional improvements in the lives of children across the world.

Dr. Saad currently lives in Eatontown, NJ. He is a family man, and together with his wife of 40 years have four children who have successful careers. Two of his children are certified surgeons, one is an ICU nurse, and the other one is a lawyer.  Learn more:


Jason Hope Describes How IoT Will Improve Flying

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur in the mobile tech industry. He also serves as a board member of the Arizona Science Center which promotes science and technology in that state. He earned both his bachelor’s degree and his MBA at Arizona State University and presently lives in Scottsdale. Beyond investing in startup tech companies he provides money to various charities and he writes commentary about where he sees the technology sector heading.

the Internet of Things is all about everything having a wireless connection. This is increasingly a reality with smart thermostats, light bulbs, appliances, cars, and more. Through IoT your piece of bread will tell your toaster something is off because it’s not browning right, Jason Hope says. One of the leaders in IoT is Gartner Inc. They say that about 25 billion different things will have connectivity by the end of 2020.

Jason Hope has written that it is Bluetooth beacon technology which makes IoT possible. It allows objects to communicate with other devices as well as with people. These usually take the form of stickers which have a sensor embedded in them. One area that he says will be greatly affected by IoT is the airline industry. 37% of the businesses in this industry are now spending money on IoT technology and of these firm’s 58% will start using this technology inside of the next three years.

He has written there are a number of reasons for this in the airline industry. First, IoT can greatly enhance safety. One example is the Boeing 7897 where every part of the airplane can communicate via a wireless network. When scheduled maintenance needs to be performed on any individual part it will let the mechanics know, or if the engine didn’t perform well it will communicate this fact to the ground crew before the plane lands so they know to get to work right away.

Customer service is another area really enhanced by IoT, Jason Hope has written. IoT can make it a lot easier to check in and devices are being introduced into airports to guide people to where they are supposed to be. He has written that some airlines are creating sensors that know when the cabin temperature needs to be adjusted for maximum comfort and sensors placed in the seats can determine when someone is tired out or needs something to drink which will help cabin crews accommodate passengers.

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Jason Hope Teams Up With The SENS Foundation For Research Into Biotechnology

Jason Hope has always approached research into future products by looking beyond the curve. Hope, a well-known futurist within the technology world, has spent years of his career working on efforts that would end up bearing fruit that few others saw possible. Hope, born and raised in Arizona, has made a mark in the mobile communications field and now he is shifting gears and trying to make a name for himself as an investor in biotechnology. Biotechnology is one of the most riveting sectors of technology and there is the very real possibility that work in the biotech field will fundamentally change the way that we live our lives. For this reason, Hope decided to invest $500,000 into the work being done at the SENS Foundation.

Based in California and founded in 2009, the SENS Foundation has been on the cutting edge of biotechnology research for age-related diseases since they first opened their doors. The SENS Foundation is led by CSO Dr. Aubrey De Grey. De Grey was born and raised in London before he graduated from Cambridge University. De Grey focused his entire career on the role of medicine and how it can change our future and now he is using that knowledge, as well as his own ample pockets, to try and fund life-changing research. To date, De Grey has put more than $10 million of his own money into keeping the SENS Foundation running.

Dr. De Grey is probably the key reason that Hope is so heavily invested in biotechnology. Hope came across the SENS Foundation after performing extensive research into the field. Hope and De Grey would hit it off and soon, Hope was signing a check for $500,000 to the facility in order to prompt serious research. De Grey immediately put the funds toward researching the causes and effects of protein bonding in our arteries which leads to problems like hypertension. While this doesn’t sound like as serious of an issue as other age-related diseases, like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s, it is still integral to the future of our collective health. The elderly struggle with hypertension at an alarming rate and hypertension leads to a variety of different health issues. With Hope and De Grey working hard to find solutions to these issues, there might be a real future in biotechnology. We’re eager to see just where the SENS Foundation goes in the coming years with Jason Hope helping them.

Jason Hope’s Facebook Page:

Randal Nardone is Changing Fortress Investment Group

In the modern tough financial times, most people do not trust the numerous financial services companies that have been introduced. People have been losing their wealth because they invested in companies that were not reliable. The market has experienced great changes that have left so many investors worried about the future of their companies. When looking for a financial advisory services company, many people will consider the reputation of the company in question so that they can make their final decisions. Without a great reputation, it can be very difficult for any company in finance to acquire success. One of the most popular and successful organizations in this department is known as Fortress Investment LCC.

Fortress Investment Group is not a new name in the global market. This is an institution that came into the American market just after the financial crisis had frustrated many customers, forcing them to loose trust in the financial systems that were being used. Fortress Investment came just in time to offer customers the financial expertise they needed to survive the tough times. The organization was bought by individuals who were capable of handling the complex and delicate needs of the customers. One of the people who played an important part in the foundation of the large institution is Randal Nardone. The businessman is considered to be one of the most influential and wealthiest billionaires in the world. Nardone reputation in the company has been respected because of the top position he has been offered in the large institution.

When the three personalities were starting the company, they all agreed that the person who was going to take the position of chief executive officer was Randal Nardone. The group felt that Randal was going to offer excellent services while in this position because of his expert skills in finance company leadership. Apart from being highly experienced, the group felt that Randal was the best because of his academic qualifications. Randal Nardone was fortunate to have been born in a family that loved educating their children. With this background, the businessman went to high school then later on went for college studies in one of the respected high learning institutions in the world. In the course of his career in finance, the businessman has shown young people that it is possible to perform well, regardless of the economy of the nation. Randal has achieved his successful career because of the wise decisions he has been making in his life.

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Agora Financial Provides you With Top Notch Financial Advice and Strategies


Agora Financial is all about making investing simpler and easier for the average individual. The financial industry tries to make things complicated with confusing terminology, crazy indicators and a bunch of other stuff. At Agora, they simplify investing. In this article, I’m going to be breaking down the main things you should focus on before you invest a dime of your hard-earned money.

  1. Choose goals

In order to strive for something, you have to know what you are striving for. In other words, you have to know and fully understand what you are investing in and know how it’s going to get you to your end goal. You need to know whether you are competent enough to invest on your own or have a professional do it for you. You need to have both short term and long term goals when it comes to investing. How much am I going to invest? What am I going to invest in? How frequently am I going to invest? These are all questions you must be asking yourself and to know more

  1. Short-term options

For short-term option, I’d recommend investing something that is going to give you a greater return than your long-term options. To accomplish this, I’d recommend learning how to swing trade or even possibly day trade stocks. I’d stay away from cryptocurrencies as they are a relatively new thing without a proven track record. In other words, they can be very risky. I would not put my money in a CD or money market account for they just don’t pay the returns you want.

  1. Long-Term options

One of the best places that you can put your money for retirement is into a Roth IRA. This is because your money grows tax-free for years and years, compounding interest overtime and giving you a great sum of money when it comes to retirement. 401ks are okay as well because they are normally matched by your employer. The only bad part about these is that you are taxed when you take the money out. All in all, I’d recommend taking your finances and investing strategies into your own hands and to know more


NewsWatch Rollermouse Red and Balance Keyboard Review

Contour Design’s quest for the “Ultimate Workstation” takes shape in their latest offerings: the Rollermouse Red and Balance Keyboard. A truly innovative reimagining of the mouse, the Rollermouse features a “roller bar” that sits in between you and your keyboard for a pain-free work environment.


A small ergonomic sleeve that sits in the middle of the bar acts as your mouse. Contour Design’s seven-senses tracking technology is intuitive and easy to learn. Simply slide the bar to move the mouse left to right and rolling forward and backward to move the mouse vertically. Clicking the mouse is as easy as tapping lightly on the bar. The Rollerbar is a great solution for those who have developed RSI problems from constant clicking, reaching, and moving that are part of normal mouse use.


The Rollermouse keeps you engaged in your work. Even as you type, the mouse is at your fingertips. There is no need to take your hands away from your keyboard, the Rollermouse is already there. The Rollermouse is no gimmick. It offers all the features of a standard mouse in a hand-friendly form and includes a scroll-wheel and additional buttons. There are also padded hand-rests for ergonomic comfort and support.


To complement the Rollermouse, Contour Design offers the Balance Keyboard. This wireless keyboard has adjustable legs that keep it at the right angle for use with the Rollermouse.


Looking for a completely wireless set-up? Contour’s Ultimate Workstation Free 3 includes the benefits of the Rollermouse Red and the Balance Keyboard in an unbeatable combo.


NewsWatch has been a leader in consumer news since 1990. In 2011 NewsWatch began to specialize in reviews of cutting edge consumer technology. NewsWatch has worked with many Fortune 500 companies to produce reliable product reviews including Sony, Siemens, and Audi.



CPS has recently launched yet other four programs in the market. The programs are meant to address issues affecting people’s lives such as levy, cost of living, housing and welfare. The company primary goal is to create awareness to the people regarding their lives and instill in them a sense of ownership. Alex Morton will be coordinating the programs. Under the program of housing and planning, Graham Edwards will be in charge of the policy as the chairman. He will also be working with company’s experts on the housing to come up with new policies that aim at house building and proprietorship.

Graham Edward studied at Cambridge University for his masters in economics. He is the CEO of Telereal company since 2001. He is also one of the founders of castle water. Castle water is the top water vender in the United Kingdom. Graham Edward interests lie in tennis and skiing beside his career (

Graham Edward worked for other companies such as Talisman asset management as the senior officer in investment. He also worked at Merill Lynch as the trustee and financial officer for the property unit at BT Group.

Graham Edward major success is the merger of Telereal and Trillium. The merger has brought a huge profit. Through his stay at the company, he has brought major benefits including the BT transfer worth of billions. In 2009 Graham Edward conducted negotiations that gave Telereal the acquisition of Trillium. Through this acquisition, the company was established as a market genius in property investment. In 2003 Graham Edward launched the Donation Matching Scheme.

Under the leadership of Graham Edward, the new company set some priorities that are: development of lasting relationship with enormous customers, loyalty to administration contracts and delve into capital transactions.

After the merger, Graham Edward introduced yet another approach called moving forward. It eventually developed post-merger which had three approaches: integration, keeping prevailing customers contented and lastly completion of a deal. Graham Edward played a great influence in the joint venture, and for that, he had a great influence on the direction Telereal took.