Success Academy Tirelessly Availing Quality Education

Over the years, Success Academy has built its name as one of the top schools in the US. Its first school was opened in 2006, but has since grown to 32 schools, which serve about 9000 students. Of these, 24 are elementary schools, 7 are middle schools and one high school. The school aims to expand and open 13 more schools, which will see the group of schools serve more than 21,000 students. As each child joins the elementary school, the school aims to transform him to a successful person before they join college, which is in the same system and the life thereafter. To bring out the best from children, Success Academy uses an engaging approach from which children can gain knowledge, critical thinking, self-support groups and independence.

The elementary level aims to give scholars a firm foundation by interactive learning; solving problems in math, understanding science concepts, use of their artistic talents and working together in class projects, as well as field projects. The field projects are especially effective in helping the scholars connect with real world experiences, cultural experiences and adding a touch of bliss in the school life. Elementary scholars in Success Academy are taught using two project-based learning units in which they are required to read and write about a subject for about one and a half months. As they progress to middle school, they receive iPads and start literature classes.

Success Academy has introduced its own English Language Arts Curriculum. This was after the feel that the system used before was not rich enough. Their system not only teaches knowledge and vocabulary but also content, which is required to alleviate illiteracy. They as well have their own math curriculum that is meant to address the needs of each child. In the other subjects, similarly innovative methods are used to bring out the best in children. At Success Academy, teachers are very industrious and as a reward, they are paid well. Their evaluation system is done by having regular visits in the classrooms and giving feedback to the teachers, which will ultimately help them improve. These are what make the difference of the school and other district schools.

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Warren Buffett willing to Put His Money where His Mouth is

Iconic investor and businessman Warren Buffett publicly made a large $1 million dollar wager on the belief that he could get better investment returns than a group of hedge fund managers by only investing in a S$P 500 passive index fund. The world is expected him to be the winner and Warren Buffett has promised he would give the winnings to charity.


Capital Group CEO Timothy Armour has held some of the same investment beliefs as Warren Buffett. They strongly believe in the idea of making cheap and simple investments, while also holding those for a lengthy time. Buffett has publicy favored the investment idea of “bottom-up investing.” Bottom-up investing analyzes companies and builds a portfolio that is durable. Warren Buffett has acknowledged the one issue facing Americans and that is having enough money saved for retirement. He continues to encourage Americans to save more as they look ahead to retirement and more information click here.


He also calls on people to start investing and to stay invested. Warren Buffet has discovered a way of finding the right hedge fund manager. Buffett analyzes low expenses and high manager ownership, which puts the strong investors in the front. Buffett also looks for hedge fund managers who invest a majority of their own funds and learn more about Timothy.


Along with being CEO, Timothy Armour is also chairman of Capital Group, which owns American Funds. Tim Armour has amassed over 35 years of investing experience with Capital Group. HE began his investment career as an equity investment analyst, where he was responsible for global telecommunications and American service companies. Tim Armour began his time with Capital Group as part of their prestigious Associates Program.


Timothy Armour earned a bachelor’s degree in economics at Middlebury College. Right now he currently lives in Los Angeles, California. Armour has made multiple television appearances including appearing on MSNBC and CNBC. He’s also been featured in several business magazines and Timothy’s lacrosse camp.


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Flavio Maluf Passionately Educates Entrepreneurs on the Simples Nacional Program and Auditing

The federal government of Brazil created a program dubbed Simples Nacional under Micro and Small Companies Act in 2006. This program is a simplified tax system that minimizes tax payable by micro and small companies.


Simples Nacional


With a simple tax system, entrepreneurs focus their mind on growth and development of their organizations, which gives the businesses a better chance of survival. This business survival was recently proved by the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service (SEBRAE) through a survey that was conducted to show the survival rates for businesses in relation to adopting the Simples program. The results showed that in 10 companies that use this program, eight of them reach the second year mark in business. On the contrary, only four of 10 business get past two years without the program. The survey also showed a 64 percent increase in those opposing the program from 2012 to last year. This increase was brought about by the growth of the Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI), which went up by 150 percent. Nearly 67 percent of those not qualified for the program noted that they would like to join. A third of companies in the program indicated that Tax Replacement (ST) was harming them. January 2018 will see a change in the income bracket for Simples Nacional qualification.


Importance of Auditing


In his recent article, Flavio Maluf explained the importance of auditing to any business. Auditing involves scrutinizing a firm’s financial documents, checking on integrity, accuracy, and credibility. Endeavor Brasil notes that this process is essential to prove a company’s trustworthiness to the main players in the business, such as shareholders. It is also critical for business survival in a competitive market.


Auditing takes two forms: internal and external auditing. Internal auditing is whereby a team is employed by the company and tasked with responsibilities to help the administration in decision making. The team is also expected to analyze the internal controls of the company. External auditors report is used by outsiders involved in the business, such as partners and banks among others.


About Flavio Maluf


Flavio Maluf is the senior leader of Eucatex Group, a firm that specializes in the production and selling of furniture and construction products made from eucalyptus. Flavio’s maiden job was in the trade department in 1987. He served in other capacities before being named the president.


James Dondero-A Proud Supporter of His Community

Highland Capital Management has awarded The Family Place a $1 million grant in order to help them to meet their goal and finish their Legacy Campaign. The Family Place has raised an extra $200,000 toward their campaign which will be matched by 50 percent by Highland Capital Management.


Highland Capital Management was impressed by the efforts of The Family Place and is proud to be a part of the Legacy Campaign. The Family Place Campaign plans to construct a new Counseling Center in Central Dallas for families that are victims of violence. the new establishment will be named in honor of Ann Moody and will have 13 emergency shelter bedrooms, a hotline/call center, a dental and medical center, counselling rooms, and places for job training.


The center will help over 2,000 victims every year by providing a much needed emergency shelter and the Ann Moody Place will host the Be Project which will provide teen dating violence and bulling education. The Moody Place will reach out to over 6,000 every year through the Be Project and will even provide an animal shelter for beloved pets. There will also be an on-site development center for children.


James Dondero founded Highland Capital Management in 1993 with Mark Okada and is one of the largest and most seasoned alternative credit managers in the world. James Dondero has gained over 30 years of experience in the field of equity and credit markets and is the president of Highland Capital Management.


James Dondero began his career in 1984 as an analyst and graduated from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce. He earned dual majors in Finance and Accounting with the highest honors. Dondero joined American Express in 1985 and later moved on to become a Portfolio Manager before leaving American Express in 1989. Dondero is X=Chairman of the Board of NexPoint, NexBank, CCS Medical, and Cornerstone Healthcare. He is a proud supporter of the community and many charities such as the Snowball Express, the Perot Museum of Natural Science, and the George W. Bush Presidential Library, just to name a few.


Vinny Parascandola fills in as the senior official VP at the AXA Advisors, LLC. His obligations incorporate enlisting, deals, maintenance, administration advancement efficiency, and furthermore creating of experienced and new money related specialists. Vinny Parascandola has worked in the business for over 25 years. He has figured out how to secure a considerable measure of success.


He began his career in 1987 when he worked as a specialist at Prudential. He got named as the National Rookie of the Year during this time. Vinny Parascandola later went ahead to work at MONY Life Insurance Company where he served in different local and great positions in the field of administration.


Vinny Parascandola went to work for AXA Advisors in the years 2004 after working for a few years at MONY Life Insurance Company.He began by serving as the President of the Advantage Group. The Advantage Group was a unit of the AXA Equitable that was shaped to draw in monetary specialists who get prepared. He also served as a co-chief of AXA Advisors’ New York Metro Branch. Parascandola has possessed the capacity to win numerous service grants over the span of his profession because of his model initiative abilities. These incorporate the ace office gifts and the GAMA’s job advancement.


Vinny Parascandola is a motivational speaker who talks at industry meetings and organizations. He is a GAMA part and a previous leader of the Florida group. Vinny likewise served as the Chairman of the field officers Council of LIMRA. Vinny went to learn at the Pace University, New York where he figured out how to procure his Bachelor’s Degree in Science. The AXA Advisors, LLC is a retail and merchant appropriation channel for the AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company.


It is a top commercial security firm.The firm is among the leading suppliers of annuity and disaster protection items in the country. AXA Advisors has a system of around six thousand budgetary specialists. Vinny Parascandola qualities and his achievement in the financial world to responsibility, energy, and diligent work. He works as a tutor to young and upcoming people who wish to venture in his profession.

Former War Correspondent’s Life Riding Greyhounds

Doug Levitt was a war correspondent who previously reported for NBC and has been to dangerous countries such as Bosnia, Iran and Rwanda, now he is a musician who rides Greyhound buses. Levitt grew up in Washington D.C., he is the son of a former Republican D.C. Councilmember, attended D.C. public schools and sang in a choir.

Doug Levitt has been riding Greyhound buses for over 13 years and has traveled over 120,000 miles across America. He says it is a way of life, not a travel project, one that has brought him closer to those often overlooked by society. Levitt has emphasized that those who ride the bus do so, not because they want to, but because they have to. An encounter he had was when he shared a bus seat with a neo-Nazi, a tense experience due to the fact the Levitt happens to be Jewish. But even this experience was informative as the man offered Levitt a sandwich and let Levitt sleep across the seats while he took the floor and more information click here.

Encounters like these have lead Levitt to examine every part of American life, and taught him key political lessons on the less fortunate and ostracized members of society that lead him to predict the election of the current president Donald Trump. Through his journeys he has brought light to these often neglected and ignored people who struggle to get by. Levitt believes that even though we are a diverse people we can always find things in common with our fellow humans, and we should always try and keep an open mind and his Twitter.

Talk Fusion Stays Ahead of the Pack

Running a business in the age of the internet has taken on a dramatically different term in comparison to older generations. Now, more than ever, you need to have a strong staff on your side in order to handle all of the different digital connections required of a solid business. Talk Fusion, established by Bob Reina back in 2007, has quickly risen to the top of the pyramid as one of the most important video and communication marketing teams in the world. Talk Fusion had a huge 2016, winning prestigious industry awards, and now we have CEO Bob Reina commenting on what else they can offer.


Bob Reina knows that the internet is filled with companies trying to offer their services and that’s why he knows he has to sell what makes Talk Fusion so much more important. Talk Fusion, according to Bob Reina, can make a big impact in several different areas of your business and its’ marketing. Reina points out how Norwegian Cruise Line uses the Talk Fusion business account in order to find leads, build relationships, and enhance customer satisfaction. Reina points this out only to say that Talk Fusion can be used in any industry, anywhere in the world.


Perhaps more important is the fact that Talk Fusion can dramatically simplify the way a business runs itself. Reina points out that many companies need to seek out multiple companies in order to cover all of their video and marketing solution services. Rather than spreading yourself out far and wide, Reina suggests taking advantage of Talk Fusion’s ability to handle everything in house. Talk Fusion offers premium technology that helps to host live broadcasts, video email campaigns, contact organization, newsletters and more. Talk Fusion seeks to be an all in one, in house provider for what your business needs in order to succeed.


More than anything Talk Fusion is determined to keep ahead of the pack by focusing on pushing the limits. Talk Fusion embraced WebRTC technology to enhance their offerings before anyone else was really doing it. Reina also believes that his marketing and tech team is among the best in the industry.

Tech Investor, Jason Hope Describes How The IoT Is Improving The Airline Industry

Jason Hope is an investor of technology and a close follower of technology trends. Mr. Hope is also a futurist and author who writes articles on one of the fastest growing tech trends in the world right now which is the internet of things.

Mr. Jason Hope has a degree in finance and a master’s degree in business from his hometown university of Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. He invests in tech companies and startups through Jason Hope Business Consulting, where he is the founder and president.

One of the ways that the IoT can impact us significantly is in the airline industry. Below is a short summary of how the internet of things is being used by the airline industry to improve service and make business more efficient. This article was published on Wings Journal and the full article of Jason Hope can be read there.

The internet of things is helping to improve fuel efficiency in airplanes. The technology and manufacturing firm, GE Aviation has recently developed new devices that can monitor the energy usage of auxiliary power units. These new devices can record and then analyze data such as the weather, terrain conditions, flight routes and airplane trajectory. It can then display this data in real time on an energy and fuel efficiency dashboard that will show how efficient the airplane is running.

One airline has already decided to use GE Aviation’s new technology in its airplanes. AirAsia has recently installed the GE technology and is already reaping benefits that include cost savings and less pollution. Expect more companies to use this or similar technologies in the future as firms try to reduce costs and limit their environmental impact.

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NuoDB Will Make Functions More Effecient

NuoDB lets you maximize all of your resources and minimize any latencies such as client and application latencies through its automated data locality. NuoDB also lets you make optimizations without worrying about any limitations due to disk space.

NuoDB automatically encrypts processes by default and its in-memory caches adjust for the best workload performance possible. With NuoDB, you can even add or remove redundant storage or compute power without the risk of stopping SQL database services.

NuoDB lets you migrate applications to its cloud database and you can migrate application code already in place by using in-database processing for more efficient performance. NuoDB can and will run in any environment of your choice and is extremely efficient.

NuoDB lets you reduce time by keeping data logic right in the database where it needs to be and helps to drastically lower costs. It has disaster recovery built right in, so there’s no need for any additional components or architecture.

NuoDB is an advanced piece of technology that is fully capable of keeping up to the changing environments of the world. It combines many components such as elasticity, availability, and simplicity in order to keep up with the ever-changing demands that are required.

Regional Lender Offers Specialized Banking Solutions

John Holt, the President and CEO of NexBank, a Dallas based bank, recently participated in a panel at the Texas Bankers Association 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference in New Orleans, LA. At the conference, Holt spoke of the importance of community banking and how smaller lending institutions can compete with larger ones with innovative solutions to banking problems. Holt is well integrated into the Texas banking community, as he serves on the board of directors of the Texas Banking Association. This local focus gives his bank credibility in the large Texas business community.


NexBank offers three core services: commercial banking, mortgage banking, and institutional services. Being a smaller institution allows NexBank to offer more customizable and specialized solutions to its clients. Having this capability separates NexBank from its larger competitors who are too large to customize their offerings. The company focuses mostly on institutions as its clients, but it does offer products for individuals, including personal banking, mortgages, and certificates of deposit. the rates it offers on certificates of deposit are competitive relative to the larger, national banks.


NexBank’s institutional services are broad in scope. They include investment banking, real-estate advisory, treasury management, and additional offerings to help a large business seamlessly fund its operations. These services include lines of credit, holding company loans, and debt refinancing.