Jason Hope And A Futurist Look To A Modern World

“The Internet of Things”, which was emphasized in the article written about Jason Hope’s by Jesse Boskoff on the engadget.com website on 1/26/2017.

So what is the “Internet of Things” that entrepreneur, writer and commentator, Jason Hope talks about? According to Jason the Internet of Things will be the newest wave of tech advancement to hit the world, business and the individual. Why?

Because this connected technology will be able to sync devices to each other, thus, improving individual day-to-day life. His futurist view sees a future in which businesses, such as the transportation industry will see great improvements. For example in the area of transportation he sees improvement in maintenance issues for trains and real-time mapping of pubic bus routes to avoid dangerous situations on the road.

With the improved public bus transportation through connected technology Jason Hope feels more people will be willing to ride. This in turn will lessen pollution and traffic accidents.

Jason Hope has a passion for technology. Along with this passion, he has a progressive look at the world and how technology can make the world a better place in which to live. Is this futurist outlook doable? I believe so, because some of his views are already being worked on.

Jason Hope graduated with a BS in Finance from Arizona State University and a MBA in Business from Arizona State University at the W.P. Carey School of Business.

Brad Reifler Makes Great Investment Decisions

One of the most effective ways to become wealthy or financially independent is through investing. People can live very well based on sound investments. For many generations people with substantial money have been able to pass large sums of money from one generation to the next through investing.

The use of investing can allow people to earn money using their money. There are many financial districts around the world that focus primarily on investing. The business world in many countries is setup in a manner where investing drives the business world.

This is great for the business world and also for the people who make investments. Like any business situation there is a level of potential gain or lost related to investments. Just as people can earn money with investments, there is the potential to lose money.

This is one of the reasons why investing is such a popular way for people to increase their financial income and wealth. There is a level of risk that makes the benefits of potential earnings worth the risk. Learn more about Brad Reifler: http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/brad-reifler-forefront-capital-advisors-ceo-announces-new-partnership-with-easter-seals-2104550.htm

However, investing is not something that everyone can do successfully. There is no set background for people who do well regarding investing, but there are some things that most people with any level of investing success tend to have in common.

One of these is a thorough knowledge of the investment industry and the investments that are made. Knowledge is key to making great investment decisions.

People who do not have this type of knowledge can still make investments. Most people in this situation will usually decide to use an investment company to make investment decisions for them. An investment company that has performed very well in the investment community for years is Forefront Capital.

According to Crunchbase, the top executive at Forefront Capital is Brad Reifler. An innovative executive with the willingness to take investment chances, Brad has made a large number of investments that have made clients a lot of money.

Brad Reifler has taken the ability to produce amazing investment results to another level by using this ability to make investment decisions for an entire company instead of just single clients. This ability with investments has made Forefront Capital a sought after investment company.

PR News Wire said that Brad Reifler has caught the attention of many people in the investment industry with his unique style of management and making investment decisions.

USHEALTH Group: Fostering Insurance Coverage in America

Quality healthcare has become a necessity with many countries formulating more laws to ensure that more people take up insurance both individual and for their families. The United States is no exception. Many insurance companies exist but USHEALTH Group remains a company of choice for many due to their quality, affordable and flexible insurance plans. As a result the company takes pride in over 15 million customers in America which it serves from various locations.

USHEALTH Group has insurance plans suitable for self-employed Americans, owners of small businesses and individuals. Two of its subsidiaries are involved in the underwriting of these plans. These are the National Foundation Life Insurance Company and The Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. In the over 50 years of operation, USHEALTH Group has come to understand the unique nature and the difference in preferences among people. It therefore offers a variety of products so that customers can select what suits them best. Their products include insurance for accidents, Specified Diseases/Sickness, critical illness, Short Term Accident Disability, Life insurance, Dental and Vision plans.

USHEALTH Advisors is the national insurance distribution arm of USHEALTH Group.
To adequately serve its large clientele, USHEALTH Group works with USHEALTH Advisors Agents. Before taking up an agent USHEALTH Group ensures that the agent is well trained according to their standards and is evaluated based on the set metrics to ensure that they are well conversant with the products. The agents are also licensed and trusted. The agents serve customers in need of Life, specified Disease/sickness and supplementary products. USHEALTH Advisors has received numerous awards for its exceptional service among them the Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service in 2015. This is one of the most coveted international business awards.

USHEALTH Group wants to ensure fast and efficient response to their clients. They have therefore set up their own call center with trained professionals to pick and respond adequately to customer calls. The call center was evaluated by the Better Business Bureau and scored an A+ rating. It was also ranked among the Top 50 North American Call Centers in 2013. The customer service staff not only advises the clients when selecting a plan but also ensure fast and convenient claim processing for them.

Paying insurance premiums has taken a toll on many Americans especially those with low incomes. However, USHEALTH Group is determined to ensure that everyone is covered under their plans. Despite their plans being affordable, they offer first dollar advantages for the covered services to customers on a budget. They also ensure that these clients get massive discounts from their large network of providers. Therefore despite one’s level of income, USHEALTH Group is willing to work with what the customer has and get them a quality plan at their budget level.

More Visit: http://www.ushealth-group.com/

Striking Balance In Life To Succeed At Business

Josh Verne, successful businessman and entrepreneur, was recently interviewed for a podcast. He talked about his current business FlockU.com and was asked what he thought was needed to succeed in business and life. Here is what he had to say.


Do what makes you happy. Finding what your passionate about makes work seem less like work, and more like fun. People who are passionate about what they do end up being more successful and give better service to their customers than people who hate what they do. People who do what they are passionate about tend to be more balanced too. Striking that balance between life and work is necessary to get the most out of life.


If you are running a company or are in-charge there are a few things to take into consideration. Be a leader, listen and talk less, and make every situation a win-win.

Putting other first and listening to their thoughts and ideas is vital to success. No one wants to work for someone who doesn’t respect them. If you respect your employees, your employees will respect you. It is that simple.


Josh Verne is a entrepreneur and businessman based in Pennsylvania. He has founded multiple businesses that are based on serving others. He founded Workpays.me and FlockU.com with his friend Jon Dorfman. They later sold Workpays.me in 2014.


FlockU.com is an online portal for students to interact with their peers. They can view articles and videos about entertainment, sports, current events, and college life.


Tips for Using Social Media To Manage Online Reputation

Social media is one of the cost-effective tools used in managing online reputation for both individuals and businesses. It can be used to monitor online reputation, thus, plan for future responses to online reputation problems. Also, it is helpful in developing an online reputation, if you do not already have one. Here are some tips that will help you when using social media to manage your online reputation.

Choosing a Social Media Office

When using social media to build your online reputation, you have to choose a platform that is most suitable for your business. If Twitter carries most of your clients, then that is the best place to start. With time, you can start to integrate other platforms. It is as easy as that.

Converse with Your Followers

Most people on social media are easily put off by posts that appear to be too pushy and promotional. Instead of going this way, why not start conversations with your audience. Have some interesting stuff to post. It doesn’t need to be your specific products. Instead, strive to have catchy posts and comments. This way, you will command respect from your followers.

Quality Articles

Blogging is life to your online reputation management. It doesn’t matter what platform you plan on using. You should have a team of proficient writers. A team that is experienced in the proportionate use of the right keywords. Importantly, ensure that your blog articles are well-researched. If you are to earn a reputation- you need to give your audience factual information that will help them in one way or the other.

Have a Strategy

If Social media is to work to your online reputation’s advantage, then you need to have a great strategy in place. Strategy is what will keep your reputation successful, way after you have built it. When formulating a strategy, it is important that you be aware what of what people are saying, via social media, about your industry- That is known as awareness. You also need be focused, authentic and ensure that content posted is meaningful.


Ricardo Tosto Provides Effective Representation

If you are an entrepreneurs or business owner, it is very important to have a good lawyer for guidance.

One of the biggest assets a lawyer has is their knowledge acquired from a long career as a company litigator. An experienced lawyer not only has a good understanding of the but also has built a network of professional relationships that will be of great help to their clients. Less experienced lawyers may be cheaper, but you may end up paying for it later on with inefficient or less thorough work.

After you have looked at your list of potential lawyers and decided on the enterprise litigation lawyers with the highest experience and credibility, it is time to contact them and set up a consultation.

A good lawyer will listen attentively and then come up with a legal solution or suggest a few alternatives. Decide on a lawyer you will feel will properly represent you and your organization.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has an awesome record of success handling business enterprise litigation problems. Business law covers a vast range of topics and business lawyers need to be able to take care of a variety of legal matters and provide a large range of legal services.

When you choose Mr Ricardo Tosto, you can rest assured he will be able to deal with a wide variety of matters, including drawing up commercial agreements, breach of contract, mergers and acquisitions, expansions and shareholder issues click here.

Ricardo Tosto has advised and represented a diverse of companies, including both small companies and large corporations, from a multitude of business sectors. His resume, Ricardo Tosto is well equipped to handle arbitration, litigation, mediation, and negotiation. Mr Ricardo Tosto strives to prevent court trials, but if a desirable negotiation can not be attained, then you can rest assured that he will apply aggressive and powerful strategies in court too.

Andrea McWilliams Lobbyist and Philanthropist

Andrea McWilliams is a leading political fundraiser and lobbyist. Her role in her field has not gone unnoticed. She has received multiple awards and recognizations relating to her work in her career. Not only is she an awarded for her work in her career but she also is a contributor to many charitable organizations.

Amongst her many accomplishments, Andrea McWilliams has received awards for her work. She was named on the Glossy 8 list, she was awarded “Austin Under 40,” was given the “Profile in Power” award by Austin Business Journal, and was recognized by the Girl Scouts of Central Texas with the “Woman of Distinction” award. She has had many more awards that validate her leading role in her career. Andrea McWilliams is a top political fundraiser and lobbyist.

Andrea McWiliams is a part of multiple charitable organizations and other philanthropic work. She is a member of Girl Scouts Centennial Celebration Committee, on the board of Preservation Austin, and co-chaired the Marathon Kids gala. She has also contributed to many charitable organizations including the Elizabeth Ann Seton Hospital, Rise Across Texas Challenge, Austin Children in Crisis, Ballet Austin, Pioneer Farms and Waterloo President’s Council, and Pease Park Conservancy, along with many other organizations.

Andrea McWilliams is a force in the political fundraising and lobbyist world. She has been awarded multiple times for her work and career. Not only has she been awarded for her career but she has spent much of her free time working with charitable organizations. Andrea McWilliams is a force not just in her career but in her community as well.


Can Sunny Plumber Sustain It’s Growth & Services?

For any business/company, being able to sustain itself is a major priority. A company could be doing certain things at the moment that yield quick results, but what happens if those things stop working? Can the company sustain itself? Probably not, but plumbing itself has been around for quite some time and it won’t be leaving anytime soon. It’s natural function that people tend to take for granted, but when there are issues, those same people will begin to realize just how important it truly is.

Sunny Plumber is the name and providing the best in plumbing services is the game. This contracting company has expertise, skill, highly trained technicians, leadership, passion, and it can handle any size of job. You won’t find that combination with similar plumbing businesses. The company stands even more because it has lower rates, covers a wide area range, and offers a ton of promotions throughout the year.

Sunny Plumbing is rewriting the book on proper plumbing in the modern era. The customers satisfaction is always guaranteed and the company’s successful resume can back up all claims. Sunny Plumber handles any and every job whether it’s for residential or commercial use.


The Brown Agency: About The Company And Its History

The Brown Modelling Agency is one of the most well-known modelling agencies in Austin, as well as the entire state of Texas. Below is some useful information about the agency.

About The Brown Agency

The company is an agency that is based in Austin. They provide fashion and print models to clients in the greater Austin area.The agency first arrived in Austin in 2010 and since then they have grown to become the go-to modelling agency in the area.

Models for the Brown Agency have worked for some of the most well-known brands, which include Dell, Louis Vuitton, Loreal and many other companies. Their models have walked the runways of popular events such as Dallas Fashion Week, Austin Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week to name a few.

Brief History

The Brown Agency was originally known as Heyman Talent-South, but they were acquired by Wihelmina Austin. Following the purchase, the brand was launched as The Brown Agency. When the company launched, they were the only full-service agency in the city and are only one of the few full-service agencies in the state of Texas.

Open Calls

The Brown Agency holds open calls every Thursday. The calls are held for one hour, from 3-4PM and take place at 100 Congress Ave. Suite 100 in Austin. The agency requests people to bring their resume and a few photos of themselves. The agency doesn’t require notification that someone is coming down for an open call, but they can fill out a form online at their website.

Those who are interested in learning more about The Brown Agency can visit their official website.


Jeffry Schneider – The Succesful Entrepreneur

Jeffery Schneider is a humanitarian, entrepreneur and prominent business man with multiple success in the financial service industry. Some of his major achievements include being the founder and CEO of Ascendant Capital, a firm well-known for providing excellent services in education, sales, marketing and financial structuring.

Jeffry Schneider studied bachelor in science and graduated from the University of Massachusetts after which he returned to his hometown and began his career in the financial service industry. He was able to develop his skills in investment and alternative capital markets while working in renowned financial firms such as Merrill Lynch and Smith Barney. The next big leap in his career was when he got to serve in a senior management position at Axiom Capital Management after which he got a similar position at Paradigm Global Advisors. This platform allowed him to gain ample experience in management.

Having acquired a lot of crucial skills in the finance field, he decided to found the firm Ascendant Capital. Under his leadership, the company has grown to be the leading boutique capital investment and financial service firm in Texas. The company of initially three employees has grown to employ more than thirty people and has helped different businesses earn an estimated one billion dollars; all this in just five years!

According to Schneider, his company’s culture is what has helped grow to be so successful. He encourages open dialogue and has developed a sense of trust with his customers as he is known to value investor’s interest. He supports charity organizations such as God Loves We Deliver, Wonder Worries, Cherokee Home for Children and The Gazelle Foundation. He has a love for travel and has toured many parts of the world including Asia and Europe.

More visit: http://jeffryschneidertravel.com/