Greg Secker Knowledge To Action Founder Wears Many Hats

Greg Secker is a man that wears many hats. Greg is a skilled entrepreneur, a master trader, generous philanthropist and inspires many throughout the world as as international speaker. But when asked about the most important role he plays Greg Secker never hesitates to answer: Father.

Greg Secker is founder of the Knowledge to Action Group, a conglomerate he began in 2003 to provide an umbrella for the many passions he wished to explore. The Knowledge to Action Group includes Learn to Trade, a company that focuses on Global Trade Education. SmartCharts software which provides the latest in trading software. Capital Index, a brokerage firm, and FX Capital, a forex investment service. The Greg Secker Foundation, a non-profit unit that seeks to improve the quality of life for people throughout the world is also under the Knowledge to Action Group umbrella. These organizations collectively demonstrate Greg’s passion and commitment to improving the life of other through education, coaching, and support.

The History

Greg Secker began his investing career with Thomas Cook Financial Services. Greg would then move to the foreign exchange business to lead the start-up, Virtual Trading Desk. VTD was the first online real-time platform. Greg would soon become Vice President at Mellon Financial Corporation, at the time Mellon was a fortune 500 investment bank operating in the United States. Greg credits his time at Mellon with providing him with the opportunity with some of the most skilled traders in the world. Greg would use the strategies he learned working at Mellon to grow his personal count to such an extent that he left Mellon and set up a trading floor that he operated out of his home. It was only three months later that Learn to Trade was first born.

The Birth Of Ideas

Greg credits his investment ideas to equal parts opportunity and boredom. Greg explains that he worked for an asset management bank in the foreign exchange department. Once moving back to the UK from the United States he found himself with more time to focus on his own trading. After trading from home for a while to start teaching people the art of trading. This he says “inspired me more than being sat behind trading screens at investment banks all day.”

Drew Madden is a Great IT Consultant in the Healthcare Sector

Drew Madden has been known to offer excellent consultant services to the health sector especially on matters of IT in this industry. He has been a passionate healthcare entrepreneur with an ambition to creating a high caliber team with an attractive organizational culture whose intention is to come up with an attractive and unique organizational culture that in the results in a client partnership that is trustworthy. Drew has been part of the Nordic consulting partners from 2010 where he served as the organization’s president from 2011 to 2016. The company has been at the top rank as one of the largest consultant firms in the world. This has led to the company receiving a number of prestigious awards from KLAS because of its consistent excellence in the industry.

Drew is particularly interested in the electronic medical records. He has been at the forefront of researching on the best ways to maintain electronic medical records. His focus has been on troubleshooting, implementation and offering lasting solutions to the numerous complex issues that affect medical records. During his tenure as the head of the company, Drew saw the employee number rise from ten people to seven hundred and twenty-five employees. The Nordic consulting partner client base also rose to 150 clients from just three when he came into the firm. This consequently led to revenue increase form one million dollars to a hundred million dollars.

Drew also served in other companies such as when he was part of Ingenix, a subsidiary of the united healthcare where he served in the business sector in addition to consulting. United healthcare changed its name to Optum Insight. Drew later moved to Cerner corporation where his IT Healthcare career began and developed. Much of his achievements began because of his qualifications after graduating from the University of Lowa College of engineering where he did his BSE in engineering with a specialty in medical systems.

Drew Madden has been able to achieve a lot in this industry because of the decade he spent managing, implementing and advising on EMR projects. He can combine diverse techniques in the electronic medical records together with project management skills as well as excellent consulting services has made him excel in building successful teams.

Taking a Closer Look at Talkspace

Talkspace is making it easier for more people to get the help that they need when it comes to therapy. There certainly are a lot of people that are interested in getting help, but they don’t always want everyone to be in their business.

They are not going to be as receptive of help from a therapist in an office setting. This is the reason why apps like Talkspace have been created. These are the type of apps that are going to help people get a whole new perspective on what they can do to increase their chances of getting better. Sometimes all it takes is talking a problem out.

Talkspace is a company that is making it possible to do things that many people may not have thought they could do through apps. This is technology that is totally changing the way that people look at the concept of getting help for their problems.

There are so many issues that people face from day-to-day, and sometimes I just need someone to talk things over with. They do not want to burden friends at times, and they may not always have the funds to go through traditional therapy. That is why Talkspace has become the popular company that it is today. It has allowed many people to get a whole new perspective on getting help. Many people will get the help they need and continue using this type of service because it is cheaper.

It has become much easier for people to appreciate what Talkspace offers thanks to the app world. So many people are discovering that apps are going to be the things that make it easier for people to get help with different situations that they are trying to recover from. Many people have become fans of Talkspace.

Eric Lefkofsky Reveals the Latest Tempus Funding Success

The healthcare industry has recently seen the arrival of a new name in the field, Tempus, a startup brought to the medical industry by Groupon founder and CEO, Eric Lefkofsky. As the founder of Groupon, Lefkofsky and business partner, Brad Keywell have come to the medical industry with the same technology-based ideas they used to bring cheap deals to their customers through their Groupon brand; Tempus is aiming to build stronger links between different various medical professionals and institutions to aid the treatment of cancer patients in its earliest stages.

A $70 million investment has been announced with some major technology backers who are gambl9ing on the fact Eric Lefkofsky can bring a similar level of success to the medical industry as he has to the Online retail sector without any focus on developing a substantial profit for his venture. Lefkofsky has already revealed he is willing to personally invest $100 million in the Tempus brand as he feels it can be of great importance to the advancement of the treatment of cancer and other medical conditions. The Tempus brand was launched in 2015 in the wake of Lefkofsky’s up close and personal view of the treatment and diagnosis process in U.S. hospitals which prompted the Groupon CEO to look for gaps in the transfer of information between patients and medical professionals. Among those investing in Tempus is Revolution Growth, founded by billionaire Steve Case and only invests in a maximum of three startups outside Silicon Valley each year.

Tempus is now valued at an astonishing $700 million, a figure only adding to the success of the University of Michigan graduate who attained his Juris Doctor degree from law school. Soon after leaving college Lefkofsky and Keywell came together to start their first business and form a partnership lasting to the present day.

In 2007, Eric Lefkofsky and Brad Keywell formed the Groupon brand that would take them to the upper echelons of the Online retail industry. The success of Groupon has allowed Eric Lefkofsky to establish his own foundation focusing on bringing educational and scientific opportunities to children on a global level.


Avaaz Wants You To Use Your Voice

With everything going on in the world, from violence to discrimination, it is now more important than ever for us to come together. Several civic non-profit organizations are working around the clock to promote change and global activism on many issues.

Avaaz is one of the worlds largest and most respected online activist network. Founded in 2007, the organization focuses on raising awareness in the areas of climate change, human rights, animal rights, corruption, and so much more. The organization’s name gives true meaning to their purpose. Avaaz is a Persian word meaning “voice” or “song”. Avaaz is the voice for so many individuals who are facing unimaginable challenges every day.

Founding president and Executive Director Ricken Patel has long had a passion for helping others. After studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Balliol College, Oxford University, he went on to receive a Masters degree in Public Policy from Harvard University. After working with organizations like the International Crisis Group and, Patel decided it was his turn to truly give back. The organization typically supports causes related to climate change, refugee support, and public policy.

The team at Avaaz hopes to empower others to stand for what the belief in. Their belief is that their work will insight good people to action, creating a world full of positivity and change and more information click here.

Through their online platform, individuals and organizations can create campaigns petitions to raise awareness for a cause of their choice. Currently, the organization has more than 40 million members in more than 190 countries who are ready to make a difference.

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Richard Mishan Design Creating Timeless Art With Decor

The founder of the famous Richard Mishaan Design was born raised in Columbia where his interest in architecture and design was born. From an early age, Richard Mishaan found the buildings in Columbia and Italy fascinating. That is how he decided to become one of those who created those awesome designs. He joined Columbia University’s School of Architecture and later enrolled at the New York University for his BA.

Mishaan’s career to become one of the world’s renowned designers began from the days of his apprenticeship at Philip Johnson’s offices. He later found his company in 1991. Mishaan always has curved designs that went beyond the conventional models a fact which has led to his meteoric rise in Architecture and Design industry. He has now mastered the art of combining different elements from fashion, interior designs and architecture. The result is the stunning and timeless masterpieces Mishaan is known for.

When he is not exploring new ideas for the firm, Richard is an author who has written two books centered on his profession. The two books are titled Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury. In his Artfully Modern book, he explored a different way of approaching interior decor. He was the idea that furniture and decorative accessories in good condition can be combined to create something perfect despite their prices, style or period of make. The company combines seemingly ordinary items to bring out the luxury of a room without necessarily being very expensive and Richard’s lacrosse camp.

To keep his creative Juices flowing, Mishaan gets endless inspiration from his everyday surroundings. He is also a big traveler and takes trips to some of the world’s most exotic destinations. You can also find him attending art exhibitions and design showcases. His attention to fashion trends has enabled him to incorporate it into his designs. The company has left a mark in many high-end residential buildings and commercial hotels and his Linkedin.

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Meet Michel Terpins, a Force to Reckon With In the Brazilian Rally Sport

Bull Sertões Rally Team is proud to have Michel Terpins as one of its members. The 40-year old Brazilian rally driver took part in the 25th edition of Sertoes Rally where Maykel Justo served as his navigator. Michel made it to top five in this rally having emerged the best in two out of the three stages. His speed was compromised in the third stage of the race when he had to slow down due to some mechanical hitches.

He regularly takes part in the Sertoes Rally, and up until now, he has participated nine times. This is four times more than his brother Rodrigo Terpins who is four years older than him and also has a great passion for car racing. It is the passion that they have for speed and off-road that inspired them to form the Bull Sertões Rally Team. For the last four seasons, the two brothers have actively taken part in the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship.

The two brothers took part in the Sertões Rally’s 24th edition that took place in August this year. They won the second stage of this rally but emerged 5th overall. They have promised to use the 25th edition of this rally to prove their proficiency in such races. The 24th edition was one of the longest off-road events in this country since it covered a total of 3,300 km.

Michel Terpins had his debut on the Sertões Rally grid back in 2002 when he started in the motorcycle category. He, later on, moved to the cars to join his brother. The two have had T-Rex produced by MEM Motorsport as their most preferred car for racing. Michel Terpins has since then greatly advanced in piloting.

According to Michel, every stage of a rally is an opportunity for him to grow even stronger in his career, and he says that he likes taking challenges. His car is the most important for him during the rally. He describes T-Rex as a strong car that is meticulously designed. To be more appropriate and powerful for the rough terrain, a V8 engine was added to this car.

The Philanthropic Works of George Soros and the Open Society

George Soros was born in the year 1930 in the Balkan state of Hungary. Just fifteen years later, the World War II broke out, with Nazi Germany taking over his home country. With a Jewish descent, George Soros and his family only survived that period by faking their documents and identification papers. That was the first time he came face to face with oppression and persecution, and it was also the first time he was able to defeat it. He learned then that injustice exists in the world, and that with creativity, innovation, and commitment to the right course, crime can always be defeated and read full article.

In 1947, at the age of 17, Soros moved to the United Kingdom to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree from the London School of Economics. Coming from a poor background, he had to work as a railway porter and a waiter to get himself through college. He moved to the United States afterward and made a name for himself, and a fortune, as a fortune hedge manager and investor. In 1969, Mr. Soros founded his hedge fund, known as Quantum Fund with 12 million dollars. A brilliant business brain has seen him rise to become one of the wealthiest people in the world, with a net worth of 23 billion dollars. He became known as the man that broke the Bank of England when he shortlisted the British pound in 1992 to make a fantastic amount of money in profits and learn more about George Soros.

However, the main thing that has propelled George Soros to the public limelight is his philanthropic efforts. To date, he has given more than 12 billion dollars to charity. While still at the London School of Economics, Mr. Soros came into contact with the teachings of Karl Popper concerning an Open Society. These changed his entire life philosophy and led him to start the Open Society Foundation to advocate for the creation of democratic governments, the freedom of speech and expression and the respect of each’s life. The Open Society has a presence in over 100 countries around the world, helping charitable organizations whose beliefs, goals and practices align with those of the Open Society. Mr. Soros’ philanthropic journey started in 1979 when he started giving scholarships to black South Africans at the height of the Apartheid regime. In the 1980’s, he gave political activist groups in the Eastern Bloc in Europe a means to enhance the exchange of ideas by providing them with photocopiers to reprint banned material and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

Through the Open Society Foundation and individually, George Soros has helped provide solace for the oppressed, and the discriminated against in society. His efforts have been focused mainly on groups that are prosecuted and persecuted solely for who they are such as racial minorities and the LGBTQI community and Follow him at

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Why Investors Should Think about Agora Financial

If you’re an investor with some funds to invest, then you want to make sure to use the right information. Using the wrong tactics could end up in you losing money or missing out on opportunities. So to make sure you can pay for your daughter’s wedding, pad your retirement, and have some cash left over, consider doing what a lot of smart investors do: listen to Agora Financial, and more information click here.

Agora has helped their 1 million readers weather the storm of financial times in the past and even still today. Over ten years of proving that they can predict the market, the publishing team releases various ways for you to follow their advice: newsletters, online publications, seminars, and more. By following their advice, readers have better prepared for retirement, avoided financial pitfalls, and jumped on opportunities before they were too late.

Agora predicted a number of large market trends: the oil spikes, the gold rush, the 2008 mortgage crisis (which helped their readers avoid financial ruin), and even the current trends in biotechnology. That’s because Agora focuses on spending to gather as much information about new opportunities as possible, up to $1 million per year. Contrast this with the typical office of analysts sitting at desks all day and you’ll see why the firm is so successful. They send their analysts around the world to uncover big opportunities early on, such as real estate, gold, and oil. And getting in early is where the money is at and Agora Financial’s lacrosse camp.

So don’t waste your time trying to follow all the market trends just to end up with a headache. And don’t give up a lot of your returns to some arrogant broker who just wants to make commission off of you. Instead, you can grow your money, manage it, and protect it the right way and Agora Financial on Facebook.

By going with Agora Financial, you’re picking a company that has a stellar staff. They employee Harvard educated scientists, former hedge fund bankers, former advisers to the president in banking, bond experts, and award-nominated writers. Agora Financial is well respected by others in the industry, including The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, and Fox Business News and learn more about Agora Financial.

Why Rick Smith Is Undoubtedly a Force to Reckon In the Prison Technology Provision Sector

Rick Smith is the CEO and president of Securus Technologies, a profit-based technology firm. Smith assumed his current position in July 2008. Since then, the company has grown significantly. Under his leadership, Securus Technologies has devoted itself to offering technologies that aim at protecting both the inmates and their families. Today, the most secure way of making calls to prisons is through Securus Technologies’ products.

Why Was Smith The Best Candidate For The Job?

The changes and growth that Securus Technologies has undergone during the last ten years have made people believe that Rick was the best candidate for the job. Rick has a unique skill set, excellent academic and work background as well as an unparalleled track record. Before joining Securus technologies, Smith had worked in several sectors including telecommunications, finance, business development, information technology and operations. From working in these sectors, Smith has accumulated unmatched leadership skills.Before achieving such remarkable milestones, mostly, one requires a solid educational and career background. Smith earned his undergraduate bachelor degree in engineering from the State University of New York, Buffalo College. He later mastered his degree from the same university. As if not enough, Smith returned to college again and obtained an MBA from the University of Rochester-Simon School. Rochester Institute of Technology later awarded him associate’s degree.

Career Background

Smith has held several senior positions in different companies. From 1972 to 1998, he worked with Global Crossing North America Inc. during this time; he served as the chief information officer as well as the controller. He also served as the president of Frontier Information Technologies. At Midwest Telephone Operations, Smith served as the vice president. Smith was also served as the director of Network Plant Operations. At the same company, he was elevated to serve as the director of business development and ultimately the vice president of financial management. Smith then moved to Eschelon Telecom Inc., where he worked as the chief financial officer. He was promoted to serve as the president of the firm in 2003 and later elevated to serve as the CEO. During his tenure, the company’s revenue rose from $30 million to $350 million. He also led the company to a successful IPO. He left the company when he was appointed to serve at Securus Technologies.

Securus Technologies under Smith’s Leadership

Under his command, Securus Technologies has been able to beat its competitors by far. For instance, the efficiency of Securus’ call center is 600 percent better than those of their competitors. Between 2013 and 2016, the Smith-led company invested $600 million in acquisitions, patents, and technologies, further strengthening the position of the firm as an industry leader. Acquiring JPay is one of the major achievements that the company has undertaken.