Paul Mampilly Predicts A Revolution In The Tech World

Over the last couple of years, robots have slowly but surely increased their presence in the homes of numerous Americans. The end of this is nowhere in sight. If anything, they are bound to be more. What began as playing gadgets for kids has steadily become necessary for different household tasks. The same has been witnessed in industries. They have taken the place of customer service in numerous firms and are invading manufacturing plants. Paul Mampilly took time to look at how this is useful for investors. By 2020, 1.7 million robots will be installed in different factories across the world. This is according to reports by the International Federation of Robotics. The federation is also expecting more home owners to consider robots for different tasks like lawn mowing and vacuum cleaning.

Apart from the robots, the production of delivery drones has also been upscaled. The healthcare system as well as military services will also employ more robots according to Paul Mampilly. A growth rate of 30% has been predicted for the latter. All this progress is in line with the steps taken in artificial intelligence. The Banyan Hill editor made several presentations on the topic during the 2017 Total Wealth Symposium conference hosted by his publisher. This year’s conference would see him spend a lot of his presentation time on the value of robots for any investor.

Paul Mampilly promised his subscribers a special guest who will also weigh in on the matter. He urged them to make plans to be part of the sold-out conference that would turn their financial state on its head. Paul Mampilly has made a name for himself through his accurate predictions on investment opportunities. In the previous edition of the conference, he urged investors to put their money in artificial intelligence. The AI stocks went over the roof with some investors getting up to 130% returns from their investments. He believes that the best way of making the most of such opportunities is to invest early. The next couple of months will see manufacturing firms produce more of these robots before shipping them out. Paul Mampilly urged subscribers of Winning Investor Daily, a newsletter he edits, to join the market before the sales begin.