Cassio Audi and Viper

Cassio Audio (drummer) co-founded the heavy metal band, Viper, with Andre Matos (vocals), Felipe Machad (Guitar), Pit Passarell (Bass) and Yves Passarell (Guitar). They were themselves heavily influenced by Iron Maiden and the New Wave British Heavy Metal scene. It ended up becoming one of the most influential band’s in Brazil’s history. Viper was first formed in 1985. Their first demo was called “The Killer Sword.” Their debut and first immensely successful album “Soldiers of Sunrise” was released in 1987. It was critically well received. AllMusic gave the album a max rating of four stars. In 1989 they released another album called “Theater of Fate.” It was during that same year that Cassio (who left just prior to “Theater of Fate”) and Andrew Matos both left the band.


Cassio was replaced as drummer by Renato Graccia. Viper also added the keyboardist, Junior Andrade. The band released two more albums after this. Both did so horribly that the band ended for many years. They would reunite with some new members, a vocalist and a drummer in 2005. They performed continuously until 2009, stopped again for a much shorter time, then started back again in 2012. This time all of the original band played together. After earlier leaving Viper, Cassio had attended Sao Paulo University and became a very successful investor.

Although this is the case, he will always be remembered by history as a Brazilian heavy metal pioneer. Viper was so influential a band that their music is still influencing personalities on today’s Brazilian music scene. And during these years in the 80s, the drummers of bands were the most influential members.The drummers of these Brazilian hard rock bands actually succeeded in pioneering a subgenre of Brazilian hard rock. Cassio Audio was an integral part of all this. The other two massively influential Brazilian drummers during these years were Pit Passarell and Yves Passarell.