Jason Hope Describes How IoT Will Improve Flying

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur in the mobile tech industry. He also serves as a board member of the Arizona Science Center which promotes science and technology in that state. He earned both his bachelor’s degree and his MBA at Arizona State University and presently lives in Scottsdale. Beyond investing in startup tech companies he provides money to various charities and he writes commentary about where he sees the technology sector heading.

the Internet of Things is all about everything having a wireless connection. This is increasingly a reality with smart thermostats, light bulbs, appliances, cars, and more. Through IoT your piece of bread will tell your toaster something is off because it’s not browning right, Jason Hope says. One of the leaders in IoT is Gartner Inc. They say that about 25 billion different things will have connectivity by the end of 2020.

Jason Hope has written that it is Bluetooth beacon technology which makes IoT possible. It allows objects to communicate with other devices as well as with people. These usually take the form of stickers which have a sensor embedded in them. One area that he says will be greatly affected by IoT is the airline industry. 37% of the businesses in this industry are now spending money on IoT technology and of these firm’s 58% will start using this technology inside of the next three years.

He has written there are a number of reasons for this in the airline industry. First, IoT can greatly enhance safety. One example is the Boeing 7897 where every part of the airplane can communicate via a wireless network. When scheduled maintenance needs to be performed on any individual part it will let the mechanics know, or if the engine didn’t perform well it will communicate this fact to the ground crew before the plane lands so they know to get to work right away.

Customer service is another area really enhanced by IoT, Jason Hope has written. IoT can make it a lot easier to check in and devices are being introduced into airports to guide people to where they are supposed to be. He has written that some airlines are creating sensors that know when the cabin temperature needs to be adjusted for maximum comfort and sensors placed in the seats can determine when someone is tired out or needs something to drink which will help cabin crews accommodate passengers.

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