Paul Mampilly-Experience in the financial sector

Paul Mampilly is one of the best people to deal with when looking for an investment advisor. He is a financial advisor who has been in the financial sector for the past two decades. He has experience than many of the so called gurus in the stock market. He started working in the financial industry after he graduated from the Fordham University with a masters degree in Business Administration. Armed with this degree, he was now ready to dive into the industry and make some money. He first worked with an organization known as Bankers Trust. This is one of the organizations which gave him the push to become a great person in the industry. After working with them, his had caught the attention of big banks such as ING, Bank of Scotland and Deutsche Bank.

Paul Mampilly has also worked in the Wall Street as a hedge fund manager. In his time in the Wall Street he made great contributions which included making billions of dollars for the hedge fund companies he worked for. He made Kinetic Asset Management popular when he worked for them by ensuring that they made billions of dollars which made them the best return hedge fund.

Paul Mampilly is now a leading investor in the United States and a financial advisor who is helping people make the right investment decisions. With the experience he has gathered from the positions he has held in the past, he is the right person to help aspiring investors. He made it in the industry and showed that he is extraordinarily talented when it comes to analysis of the best investment opportunities. Paul Mampilly is now going to be the most generous investment advisor in the world, after leaving Wall Street to go out to support Americans with less knowledge about investments.

Paul Mampilly is committed to reaching his goals of making the less experience to also make money from the financial sector by providing them with information about some of the opportunities available that they should take advantage of. He has a newsletter known as the Profits Unlimited which is now the fastest growing financial newsletter in the country.

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